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Urad Chilka Dal - Give Your Meal, A Nutritious Appeal

The ayurvedic literature refers to black gram beans as "Masha" and strongly suggests them for boosting immunity and weight gain. As one of the foods high in fiber in India, urad chilka dal is recommended by traditional medicine.

To describe the benefits of these beans, the ancient Ayurvedic literature Charaka Samhita has a chapter titled Mashaparni bhriteeya adhyaya. In actuality, urad dal is the only pulse that has more than ten times as much phosphorous as any other pulse, and the special protein found in black gram helps to build muscle fibers.

This modest whole bean is nutritious, bulk-enhancing, diuretic, aphrodisiac, and Vata-pacifying. Asthma, paralysis, and constipation patients are advised to consume black grams in their regular diets due to their plethora of therapeutic benefits.
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