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Rose Calamine Sun Protective Face Creme Spf-60

BIOAYURVEDA brings ROSE CALAMINE SUN PROTECTIVE FACE CREAM (SPF 60) is a Ayurvedic sun defense cream crafted with special organic herbs and essential & natural oils that care for the skin as a natural sunscreen and blocking out harmful UV rays with a protective barrier. It is a fabulous herbal formula that also promotes repair and recovery of damaged skin, enabling healing and stimulating cell renewal for firmer tone and luminescence.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Natural & Organic Sunscreen

Herbal sunscreens are suitable for all skin types and are not dense in nature so do not leave a white cast on the face.
Even a higher range sunscreen with SPF of 30 to 60 can be applied every day for long hours to protect from sun damage.
These are made lovingly to support your skin's natural defense mechanism and help restores proper hydration.
They also help to optimize the skin's ability to develop collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation, limit flare-ups, and prevent aging.
Organic sunscreen has active Ayurvedic ingredients such as Yashad, Amla, papaya, naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice, and many more for natural sun protection.

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