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Do you already have Personal Accident Insurance?

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Submitted by Lisa Baker on Fri, 02/05/2021 - 22:51

Living quietly is the most important thing. It allows you to enjoy each day knowing that you and your family are protected. One of the things you can do to have this peace of mind is to obtain personal accident insurance. Most people do not know what it is about and, for that reason, the opportunity to have this support is lost.
Always keep in mind that you have multiple options. For example, this type of coverage can assure you protection for your family, work and even for domestic staff. It offers you great financial peace of mind because if a serious mishap arises, such as an accident, this policy helps you cope with the difficult moment.
Here we tell you everything you need to know about personal accident insurance so that you can decide if it is a suitable option for you.
Coverage and sum insured
The amount of money offered by the policy depends on the plan you hire. For this reason, the fees vary and can be adapted to your need or budget. Personal accident insurance covers accidental death and, in turn, permanent partial and total disability by accident. If in an accident, a person loses one or both limbs, sight, hearing or speech, this is considered a permanent total disability. If the insured loses a finger, an arm or an ear, it is considered a permanent partial disability.
Protection for the family
When you take out personal accident insurance for your family, you have protection 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. In addition, you can process it without a prior medical examination. La Caja offers you the service of video medical consultations and medical assistance 24 hours a day, as well as ambulances for emergencies and emergencies and an unlimited number of medical consultations at home.
Plans for freelancers and professionals
This type of policy covers you at the workplace and when travelling to and from there. You also do not need to do a medical study to obtain it and it is valid from the moment you hire it. This type of policy is an ideal complement to your social work or prepaid because the compensation is immediate and reimburses you for the expenses generated by a work accident.
Caring for domestic staff
This personal accident insurance offers you and your employee peace of mind. Protects it during the workday and on the way to and from your home. As in the plans for independent workers, no prior medical exams are required, it offers immediate compensation and reimburses the costs associated with an accident.
The day to day is full of surprises. Although we cannot know what is going to happen to us, we can be ready for everything. With good personal accident insurance, you are taking care of your future and that of your family with a minimal investment.