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Champion Fireworks respects the individualized career development of every employee and makes every employee an elite in the fireworks industry. We are committed to creating the best fireworks supply chain, providing customers with high-quality and inexpensive fireworks products, and achieving long-term stability and a win-win relationship.

Smith Deng, the founder of Champion Fireworks, established it in 2005. Before that, he has worked in the fireworks industry for over 10 years. With his love for fireworks and rich experience in fireworks production, Smith led the champion fireworks all the way forward. Now it has become one of the best fireworks suppliers in Liuyang, China, which has 6 joint-venture factories and over 80 stable cooperative factories, exports fireworks to over 30 countries.

Mob: +8613873114182
5th floor, 1st building,Tianma garden, Tianma road, Liuyang city, Changsha, China.

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