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Think Exam

Submitted by richaahuja on Thu, 04/23/2020 - 21:48

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Think Exam is a complete online examination system on which the admin can create, conduct and evaluate all types of online test with ease and accuracy. It is an easy to learn and use platform that does not require any prior knowledge or expertise. Its various AI integrated features and benefits makes it apt for schools, coaching, institutes, universities and corporates to create any type of online assessment.

Apart from variety of question types and free templates, Think Exam furthermore provides automatic evaluation, scoring and test analysis which can be shared with the candidates as feedback. Also Think Exam online examination system consists of remote proctoring feature which is helpful in conducting online tests in a well proctored environment.

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OMR Home

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OMR Home is a subsidiary of Ginger Webs a well-known company with profound experience of providing all types of online and offline assessment solutions. One of the most acclaimed products of OMR Home is Verificare OMR sheet checker software. Verificare has significantly changed the offline assessment procedure for 2000+ clients around the globe. It has not just automated the offline assessments but also made it more accurate and easy.

Verificare OMR sheet checker software has got a repository of features which lets you design, print, scan, read and evaluate all types of OMR sheets and forms without any trouble or lag. It can also generate accurate reports in various graphical and tabular formats which can be later sorted in various files for future use.

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