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Zhejiang Apollo Sports Technology CO., LTD.

Submitted by aboluo on Wed, 09/28/2022 - 00:23

Hard work and one dream. That's what established Apollo in a lovely day, 14th February, 2003.The first headquarters, an old factory in Wuyi city, was a humble beginning for the factory. However, that do not affect the expansion of Apollo over the years and today we are one of the most influential off-road motorcycle manufacturer in the world。

Zhejiang Apollo Sports Technology CO., LTD. is a research & development, manufacturing and sales of export-oriented enterprise, specializing in the production of off-road motorcycles, ATV, electric bicycles, E-scooters and other recreational vehicles.Apollo Sports Technology Co.Ltd total assets are 200 million. On the hardware facilities:

Apollo Sports Technology Co.Ltd covers an area of 64000 square meters and has frame manufacturing workshop, motorcycle & ATV assembly workshop, e-bike assembly workshop, injection molding workshop, packing workshop and advanced testing equipment with an annual output of 200000 motorcycles & ATV production capacity; On the software facilities : it has advanced information management system ERP,OA,CRM.

No. 12-14, Jinheng 2nd Road, Jinyan Mountain Industrial Zone, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province