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   Before discussing the details of the divorce in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia. Let us discuss the term marriage. Marriage is known as a legal contract between two people. They are united due to this contract. They are together in all formats of life. Marriage also gives a happy sexual life. And about divorce, the ending of this contract is known as divorce. Divorce officially announces that these persons are no longer together. When one of the persons is not feeling comfortable with the other one, he can demand a divorce. Luckily the percentage of divorce rate in Australia has reduced. No-fault divorce: 1975: The divorce rate in Australia was very high before 75. It had to be reduced. In 1975 a law was passed it was named “no-fault divorce”. This law was introduced for the first time in Australia. In the first year of implementation, the divorce rate increased. Amendments were required in this family law. In 1976 there were some changes in the law to make it better. It says that couples should be separated for at least 12 months before applying for a divorce.     Now let’s discuss the details of the divorce rate in Australia. What is the divorce rate in Australia? In the 1960s and the 1970s, the divorce rate was very high. It was about 4.6 persons per 1000 residents. But it declined when the Family Law Act 1975 was passed. This law supported no-fault divorce. And reduced to just 1.9 till 2016. But it raised again in 2017 up to 2.0. Hence the divorce percentage in Australia has reduced. Another reason for the decline of the divorce rate in Australia is late marriage or marriage between same-sex. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia. In the first 6 months of 2018, 99 percent of marriages were between same-sex. Duration of marriage: In Australia, 43 percent of divorced people were married for about 9 years.  And most of their age was between 25 to 30 years. The average time between their separation is about 8.3 years. And they get divorced within 12 years. It indicates that half of the couples are married for less than 12 years and a half for a longer time. And there are some marriages which last till death. There is a great chance of divorcing in the marriages of 20 years. In 1990 its percentage was 20 it increased to 28% in 2010. And it again gained peek in 2017 and raised to 27%.  Have same-sex marriages affected the divorce rate in Australia? After the changes in the Marriage Act of, 1961 same-sex marriage is now legal. There were 3,149 same-sex weddings were registered in Australia till 30th June 2018. And they can also get divorced but not many divorces are reported from these couples. What are the reasons behind divorces? The marriage plays the part of the perfect bond between two persons. It is a very wise decision to make. The couples are usually very happy at the start of their marriage. So, what disturbs their relationship? Why do they have a divorce? An Australian study reported that there is 71 percent of divorces blame “affective issues”. These affective issues are: Problems of communication 27% Lost connection 21% Trust issues 20% The other causes of divorce in Australia can be: Abuse either physically or emotionally 7.4% Abuse via drugs or alcohol 7.4% Financial issues 4.7% Work pressure 2.7% Interference of family 0.6% Health issues 4.7% Divorce Rate in Australia Tips for long term marriage: We concluded the following points from the life of couples with long-time marriages. Respect is a great factor it should come from both sides. Have complete trust in each other Maintain happy physical/sexual relation Have good communication skill to talk about any problem easily Maintain equity Support the decision made by the partner Be cooperative Manage time for each other When applied for the divorce, do I have to attend the court hearing? It depends on some conditions. You may or may not have to attend the court hearing. Let’s have a look at them:   If you don’t have any children under 18 years. Then you will not have to attend the court hearing it applies on both sides.   If a joint application is applied then you will not have to attend the court hearing, even if you have children under 18 years.   If a sole application is applied then you may have to attend the court hearing on having a child under 18 years.  What is the procedure to get a divorce? Getting a divorce is not the same anymore. That is the reason that the divorce rate in Australia has reduced. If you are thinking to get a divorce in Brisbane then Aylward Game can help you easily. Read the points below to get an idea about getting a divorce. Live separate lives: Before applying for a job you must separate for at least 12 months. You can get back in touch without re-starting the 12 months for about 3 months. For instance, if you have lived separated for 4 months and again got together for 3 months you will only have to live 8 months separately to complete the 12 months. You can live separately under one roof: You can share the same roof even when you are separated. The court will check if you are having sex, sharing meals, or sharing bank accounts. Your relatives should believe that you are separated. Remarrying: Don’t think to remarry until the divorce is finalized. Don’t make quick plans. You can get married once the divorce is granted. Property and children’s arrangement: The divorce will not resolve the property or children’s issue. You will have to file a separate case for this issue. Married for less time: If you are married for a small time and still demanding a divorce. Then you should visit the family counseling. Get a certificate from them and submit it to the court. How can Aylward Game help? Though Australia’s divorce rate has declined some issues can demand a divorce. We can help you in many ways to solve the issue. You should take our counseling sessions before making such an important decision. The court may also ask you to take counseling sessions. These sessions play a vital role in making a decision. We follow the collaborative practice which is an alternative to litigation.  Mediation is a good practice. In mediation, you and your partner discuss everything openly in the presence of a mediator. The mediator is neutral and points out the issue by hearing your discussion. Article Source: WHY DIVORCE RATE IN AUSTRALIA IS SO HIGH?