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Pros and Cons of Best-of-breed systems

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The best-of-breed approach came about as a response to the problems created by the monolithic legacy applications that could not cope with modern requirements. Best-of-breed works on the principle that no software can ever be the ‘master-of-all’. Instead, this approach recommends purpose-built systems that offer specialized functions. This means that an insurance carrier would have to purchase separate software from multiple providers for each application area. Pros and Cons of Best-of-breed systems Pros:- Discover even more capabilities: Easier to implement and update: Best-of-breed expertise: Cons:- Increases complexity: Integration challenges The burden on end-users: These are the pros and cons of best-of-breed systems, Here I have written in-depth on this topic, visit to our website to get better information. Source URL: - <a href=""></a>