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Multifunctional Micro Trace Identification Instrument A18.1840

Submitted by Echo897 on Tue, 11/28/2023 - 18:33

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Multifunctional Micro Trace ldentification Instrument
Convenient: Micro forensics can becarried to the scene of thecase
High Definition Image: The image is clear, making it easier for the examiner to ob-serve the details of the physical evidence
Application: A18.1840 multi-function physical evidence tester can be used for tools, bullets, fingerprints, footprints, explosives.handwriting, seals, mechanism documents, paper, ink, banknotes, securities, passports, fibers, hair, blood, secreions, tissues, etc. A variety of crime scene trace evidence for subtle search, trace material evidence extraction andstatic, dynamic image acquisition, comparison, identification. lt is equipped with a field mini forensic instrument anda professional suitcase for easy on-site survey.

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