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Factory B to B coffee machines, Commercial horeca OCS equipment, Bean to cup coffee vending machines,

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Welcome to Evoacas, a industry COFFEE VENDING machine specialist in China! We provide fully automatic coffee bean to cup vending machines,desk-top, fresh milk machines, coffee printer, ice maker, for horeca, OCS ,commercial use.

A high-tech private company focused on the R & D and production of commercial full-automatic freshly ground coffee machines as well as the provision of pertinent value-added services, Guangzhou Evoacas Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. (formerly named Macas) was established in 2014. Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to the commercial full-automatic freshly ground coffee industry and businesses that are related to it, always upholding the corporate mission of "integrity, innovation, and communication," using "technology and service" as the cornerstone of its operations, and creating a comprehensive one-stop service system of specialized installation, commissioning training, and maintenance.