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The Elite 48x48

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The Elite embodies the delicate, naturally cloudy style of onyx in a strong porcelain body. It gives a spa-like, spacious feel and is a great alternative for those looking for the beauty of onyx and the ease of porcelain.

48×48 rectified polished porcelain tile from Italy

Realistic marble optics were produced by a high-detail inkjet printer, rectified edges and a next-generation polish. Although polished tiles have been around for ages, The Elite features a new technique that includes a sophisticated process that adds value. Such a luxurious finish can only be found in high-end European large-format tiles and makes tile much harder than traditional high-gloss glazed tiles. Because of this increased density, the shine level of the tile is above traditionally polished porcelain tiles. Finally the tile undergoes a nano-seal process that increases surface friction, reducing slipperiness.

Price:- $8.99 Sqft