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Contitech 8115207 Engine Coolant / Antifreeze,Single

Pentofrost A3 is a phosphated organic acid technology (phosphated OAT); which is categorized as HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology) in the US market. Pentofrost A3 is suitable for all Asian vehicles using blueAntifreeze/Coolant. Pentofrost A3 does not Asian vehicle applications in water-cooled engines.contain any silicate, borate, nitrite or amine containing additives since these may harm your Asian vehicle. Do not mix with other coolants ( specially silicated coolants), as this may cause gel formation and clog your radiator. Pentofrost A3 is a PRE-DILUTED antifreeze for It contains phosphates and organic salts to protect all materials used in cooling systems for Asian vehicles. Pentofrost A3 is mixable with all phosphated OATs. Meets ASTM D-3306.