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Mr. Basheer Syed, the company's managing director, launched Nutristar in 2010 with the bold idea of raising public knowledge of the numerous health advantages of brass and copper goods.

We have worked to provide the highest quality utensils for home and kitchen ever since Nutristar was founded. To provide our best, we manufacture high-quality brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel. By offering a wide collection of marriage gift ideas, traditionally crafted brass home decorations, brass utensils, and copper utensils, we want to establish Nutristar as a global brand and a popular decorative item for hotels, restaurants, and wedding events.

People have learned the significance of traditional utensils in today's quickly expanding world since they are not only good for your health but also because they are robust, durable, traditionally rich, and shining. We employ craftsmen who use ancient techniques to create metalware items to deliver the highest quality home decoration and kitchenware.


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In 1932, Mr. Syed Rasool began the business with the compelling idea of offering the general people everyday basic cookware and serveware utensils created and hand made, hand crafted in brass and copper at Begum Bazar Hyderabad, India. Only two metals were used for cooking and serving in India. Even after 90 years, the company is still operating successfully, with the third generation joining the direct family business. Mr. Basheer Syed has changed gears in order to realise a greater part in modernising his family firm. Ashtok is a prominent manufacturer, exporter, and online-seller of Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and Melamine Tableware Utensils Supplier for Hotel, restaurant, and Catering. Although the idea of keeping water in a copper water bottle or other copper vessel dates back many years, Ashtok has revolutionised the industry for Copper,Brass, stainless steel and Melamine products dominating the Home and Kitchen sector, Kitchenware and Tableware Sector while also providing a wide selection of home décor items. As a company, we are dedicated to delivering quality while retaining our leading position in brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Ali baba, Etsy. By offering a wide selection of sets of serve ware, drinkware, tableware, brass gift items and other items in our specialist materials, we hope to establish Ashtok as a household name and a popular choice for hotels, restaurants, weddings, festivals and other special occasions. All products shipped Internationally at Indian pricing + postage.

Home Decor Products - Woodefy

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The Woodefy brings you the best of wooden furniture to add a vibe and style to your home decor. The love for epoxy resin and a passion for unique styled products offers the best quality furniture and home decor products to the consumers, to make them cherish the utmost comfort and luxury. Epoxy resin is the exclusive art and style that embeds to the beauty of a wide range of furniture and home decor items. The Woodefy is one such exclusive brand offering the best of designs in this segment. In terms of origination, being manufactured purely in Rajasthan, India it carries the true essence and experience of Royalty. From epoxy resin furniture, home decor products, and other wooden products, the Woodefy also offers Luxury Antique Furniture that draws its inspiration from the true culture. Currently, woodefy is exporting its products to the UAE, UK, US, etc.

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