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Maintenance of marble furniture

Submitted by wuberlin on Tue, 08/29/2023 - 01:06

Marble is a porous material, so it is easy to be stained. When cleaning, use less water. Wipe it regularly with a slightly damp cloth with mild detergent, then dry and polish with a clean soft cloth. Severely worn marble furniture is difficult to handle. It can be wiped with steel wool and then polished with an electric polisher to restore its luster. Or wipe carefully with a liquid scrubbing agent. You can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but it is best not to leave the lemon on it for more than 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat the operation if necessary, then wash and dry.

I am the owner of a stone processing factory from ChinaPosted:

Submitted by wuberlin on Wed, 05/31/2023 - 02:04

As the owner of a stone processing factory from China, I often find myself reflecting on the legacy that my business will leave behind. It's no secret that the stone industry has been around for centuries, with some of the most impressive architectural wonders in the world, like the Great Wall of China, made from this very material.
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