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How to choose the best Mutual Fund Software in India?

AMFI conducted strong awareness campaigns “Mutual funds sahi hai”, that advocates mutual funds as the ‘right choice’ for investment. As a result, there is a steep rise in the volume of direct investors in the market. Latest updates by AMFI reports that the AUM of the industry contributed by retail investors have increased from ₹8.5 trillion to ₹21.6 trillion since the launch of the campaign in March 2017. It is a rise of ~2.5x with an increase in the share of retail investors out of total AUM from 45.9 % to 55.4 %.

Importance of Mutual Fund Software for AUM Growth

With the digital explosion, most modern consumers have started using the internet to research Mutual Fund Distributors and evaluate, the person they want to trust with their money. Investing someone’s hard-earned money is a big challenge for MFDs, they have to ensure that their customer must grow their wealth over a period of time. This blog will discuss why an Indian MFD requires good mutual fund software to improve its AUM growth and increase its investors’ wealth.

Why does Mutual fund software require accurate information from clients?

In order to perform an accurate risk analysis and profile formation of investor’s collection of fair details and information of clients is necessary. The Mutual fund software forms an accurate strategy for the investment of client’s funds based on recorded details. For more information, visit

Why without Mutual fund software for distributors’ advisors’ businesses suffer issues?

The lack of software creates multiple challenges in front of advisors from managing clients to delivering services which is possible through Mutual fund software for distributors which also enhances customer satisfaction in the long term. For more information, visit

Why without Mutual fund software for distributors in India Performing KYC is difficult?

The collection of investor’s details before making the investment is foremost for advisors and without KYC transactions cannot be started instantly but in Mutual fund software for distributors in India KYC is instantly completed for initiating transactions. For more information, visit


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