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Video Surveillance Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Component, Companies, Global Forecast by 2027

Over a decade, video surveillance systems have been a thriving part of security industry. In the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices have further expanded the video surveillance industry's popularity. Video surveillance systems such as Analog, IP, and Hybrid support security personnel in monitoring and tracking activities. It incorporates one or more video cameras on a network that sends the captured video or audio information to a particular place. The captured images are live controlled or transmitted to a central location for recording and storage.

Asia-Pacific Automotive Paint Market, COVID-19 Impact, By Products Type, Companies, Forecast by 2027

Asia-Pacific economies are surging fast, boosting growth in the demand for many automobiles sector. China is by far the most significant automotive paint market in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by India, and Japan. Automotive paint is a water-based mixture that is sprayed on the surface of automobiles with the help of spray guns. Vehicle coatings that are creative and environmentally friendly are in high demand in the Asia automotive industry. As a result, a shift in consumer preference toward eco-friendly paints over traditional paints is crucial in market expansion.

Halal Food Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Product, Companies, Global Forecast by 2027

Halal food refers to foods prepared according to the Islamic dietary law's rigorous guidelines. According to this commandment, alcohol, blood, pork are not halal for consumption. The animals that are dead before slaughtering and animals that are not slain in the name of Allah are all deemed haram or unfit for food consumption. Furthermore, halal food is packaged and stored in utensils that have been cleansed according to strict rules.

Japan Pet Food Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Animal Type, Companies, Forecast by 2027

In recent years, Japan is facing rapid demographic changes such as a declining birth rate, growing ageing population, urbanization, the trend towards a nuclear family, rising single-person households, and households with no kids. All these factors have led to an increase in pet adoptions in Japan. The most popular pets among the Japanese population includes dogs and cats. The pet food market in Japan matured, and the growth has remained stagnant since the historic period.

Egg Powder Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Product, Companies, Global Forecast by 2027

Worldwide, dehydration is a successful method of preserving eggs and results in extended shelf life. Nowadays, egg powders are mainly functional ingredients that offer enhanced technological properties compared to liquid egg products. It is an excellent source of high protein and the best low-price source. The demand for egg powder is its increased shelf life and portability; Egg powder has a shelf-life of five to ten years and is non-perishable when stored in an air-tight container. It can be easily transported also and does not require refrigeration.

Yeast Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Type, Application, Companies, Global Forecast by 2027

Yeast is a collection of microorganisms called sac fungi that replicates using their spores as the source of reproduction. Yeast has witnessed increased application in recent years owing to the elevating demand from the end-user sectors such as food and feed. The food industry as a mass has seen a rise in fermented food products such as yoghurt, pickles, sauces, and some traditional Asian foods such as Kimchi and Kempeh.

United States Kids Food and Beverage Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Product Category, Companies, Forecast by 2027

Food marketing plays a significant role in the high incidence of childhood obesity and diet-related disease. The United States Kids' Food and Beverages market has been huge and complex. Across the country's growth of kids' food and beverage appears to be outpacing the total demand for traditional food and beverages in the same categories. To enhance children's health, researchers, advocates, and governments have asked for improvements in the nutrition quality of foods sold to children.

Automotive Actuators Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Application, Companies, Global Forecast By 2027

Automotive actuators are the type of transducers that convert energy into motion. The automotive actuators can control a range from a simple switch to high power hydraulic devices and valves in an automotive. They effectively manage different mechanisms in vehicles, such as applying breaks, controlling doors and lighting. Moreover, with advancements in technology, automotive actuators are being considered the backbone of reducing road fatalities.

Biodiesel Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Blend, Feed Stock Type, Companies, Forecast By 2027

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel surrogate used in diesel engines. The feedstock is obtained from various feedstocks, including vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil and waste & residues. The multiple advantages of using biodiesel include its biodegradability, reduced dependency on conventional fuels, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The government policies and tax rebates to support the adoption of biodiesel also add to the growth of the biodiesel market globally.

Food Enzymes Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Type, Regions, Companies, Global Forecast by 2026

Food enzymes are complex constituents that act as catalysers, which increase diversity, variety, and quality during food processing. The enzymes in the food industry are primarily used for preserving and purifying beverages, overcoming ripening time in dairy and meat products, enhancing loaf volume of bread, advancing quality and yield of products, modifying fats, and tenderizing meats. According to the Renub Research Analysis, the Food Enzymes Market was valued at US$ 2.3 Billion in 2020.


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