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United States Kids Food and Beverage Market, Impact of COVID-19, By Product Category, Companies, Forecast by 2027

Food marketing plays a significant role in the high incidence of childhood obesity and diet-related disease. The United States Kids' Food and Beverages market has been huge and complex. Across the country's growth of kids' food and beverage appears to be outpacing the total demand for traditional food and beverages in the same categories. To enhance children's health, researchers, advocates, and governments have asked for improvements in the nutrition quality of foods sold to children. For more than a decade, the food and beverage industry in the United States has responded with self-regulatory measures, touting their effectiveness. The country's kids' food market is still in its infancy. United States Kids' Food and Beverages market is growing, providing several options with innovative, unique product lines accustomed to kids' needs and desires. According to the Renub Research, United States Kids Food and Beverage Market are expected to reach US$ 64 Billion by 2027.

Kids' food and beverage grew faster, increasing by over 4% between 2012 and 2013, compared to 2.9 percent for regular food and beverages in the same categories according to BC30 Probiotic. Therefore, to improve sales, manufacturers and marketers of packaged goods are turning to America's youth. In our report, Food and Beverages Market for kids in the United States focuses on six primary food and beverage categories in which marketers have a solid tendency to target kids: Beverage, Cereal, Dairy Products, Frozen Foods, Meals (Shelf-Stable) and Snacks (Salty and Sweet). The children's food market is still in its infancy, giving players even more incentive to develop new product lines tailored to children's requirements and aspirations.

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In addition, Americans seek beverages for their all-natural children, non-G.M.O., no and low sugar, and have no artificial ingredients. In this report, we have shown complete insight into the United States Kids Food & Beverage by-products. The covered market by-products are; Cheese, Yogurt (Cups, Tubes etc.), Juice/Fruit Drink, Aseptic (Boxes and Pouches), Juice/Fruit Drink, Other (Bottles, Cans, Cartons etc.), Yogurt (Drinks/Dairy-based Smoothies), Ice Cream/ Novelties, Chips/Crackers, Fruit Chews/Gummies, Others. Ice Cream, Yogurt, and Juice products hold the majority share in the United States Kids Food and Beverage market. As per this research report, United States Children Food & Beverage Industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.16% from the 2020 to 2027.

Parents nowadays are looking for nutritionally beneficial, nutritious, functional elements in their children's meals and beverages. For instance, juices, which were once considered a healthy choice for youngsters, are now being vilified because of their high sugar content. In brief, parents are looking for healthy food and beverages to consume that do not contribute to obesity. As per our analysis, the United States Kids Food and Beverages Market Size was US$ 45 Billion in 2020.

Some of the key players of the United States Kids Food and Beverages market comprise PepsiCo Inc, Conagra Brands Inc, The Kellogg Company, Campbell Soup Company and General Mills Inc. The industry players existing in the market are doing their part through new product development of healthier kid-friendly food and beverages.

Renub Research report titled “United States Kids Food and Beverage Market by Category (Cereal, Beverage, Frozen Foods, Dairy Products, Meals, Produce, Shelf-Stable, Snacks, Salty and Sweet, Others), Sub-Products (Juice/Fruit Drink, Aseptic (Boxes and Pouches), Juice/Fruit Drink, Other (Bottles, Cans, Cartons etc.), Cheese, Yogurt (Cups, Tubes etc.), Yogurt (Drinks/Dairy based Smoothies), Ice Cream/ Novelties, Chips/Crackers, Fruit Chews/Gummies, Others), Company (Conagra Brands Inc, PepsiCo Inc., The Kellogg Company, Campbell Soup Company, General Mills Inc, )” provides a complete analysis of United States Children Food & Beverage Industry.

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Product Category - United States Kids Food and Beverage Market
1.    Beverage
2.    Cereal
3.    Dairy Products
4.    Frozen Foods
5.    Meals, Shelf-Stable
6.    Produce
7.    Snacks, Salty and Sweet
8.    Others

Products - United States Kids Food and Beverage Market
1.    Juice/Fruit Drink, Aseptic (Boxes and Pouches)
2.    Juice/Fruit Drink, Other (Bottles, Cans, Cartons etc.)
3.    Cheese
4.    Yogurt (Cups, Tubes etc.)
5.    Yogurt (Drinks/Dairy based Smoothies)
6.    Ice Cream/ Novelties
7.    Chips/Crackers
8.    Fruit Chews/Gummies
9.    Others

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Company Analysis:
1.    Conagra Brands Inc
2.    PepsiCo Inc.
3.    The Kellogg Company
4.    Campbell Soup Company
5.    General Mills Inc

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