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FCRA Registration Online in India

FCRA Registration

FCRA is a short form of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act that regulates and controls the foreign contributions taking place in India. The primary objective of FCRA Registration Online in India is to decriminalize the receipt of any foreign contribution by domestic organizations and for assuring the proper utilization of the funds for the assigned purpose.

Checklist for applying for FCRA Registration

NGO Registration in India

NGO Registration

A non-governmental organization or NGO launched by natural Individuals and is a legally registered organization that operates independently without any interference from the state or central government. Brush up the inner entrepreneur by registering your NGO Registration in India with Kanakkupillai. Gaining the knowledge on the way to register NGO online is usually good and our expert team is here to teach you!

Trademark Rectification

Trademark Rectification

Any quite modification, changes, rectification, or alteration executed within the Register Trademark Online in India or within the registered trademark is understood as Trademark Rectification. Trademark Rectification is the genuine process to deal with or correct the errors or an omission that has been entered after the trademark registration process in the nuances of a trademark as saved in the trademark register.

Apply IE Code Registration Online

IEC Registration

Apply IE Code Registration Online with us! It is mandatory for all Indian companies which deal or decide to expand their business activities through import and export business operations. IEC Code Registration online is a mandatory10 digit unique license, for companies and businesses that deal with import-export transactions in the Indian Territory issued by The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), under the Department of Commerce, in India.

ISO certification Online India

ISO Registration

Being legally certified can be a useful tool to add credibility and believability by establishing that your business or products or services meet the expectations of the target customers. There are some industries in which legal certification is a contractual requirement. ISO certification Online India is one such registration process that holds the aim to increase the quality and standard of the entity’s business activities, services, or products.

FSSAI Annual Return Online

FSSAI Annual Return

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in short form FSSAI is an autonomous body that works on food safety and regulations and is governed under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Obtaining FSSAI Annual Return Online is compulsory for all businesses that deal with food and food-related products to file for FSSAI Annual Return.

Filing the FSSAI Annual Return

Indian Subsidiary Company Registration

Indian Subsidiary Company Registration

As per the Companies Act 2013, an Indian subsidiary company is defined as a company in which a foreign corporate body or parent body has a minimum of 50% of the entire share capital. The parent body of the company can have a grip or an eye over a subsidiary company and it is mandatory to undergo Indian Subsidiary Company Registration to follow the rules of the laws of the Indian Government.

OPC Company Registration Online

One Person Company

One Person Company may be a separate legal entity that holds a perpetual succession. As per the abidance and regulatory rules and guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), it is required to apply for OPC Company Registration Online under the Companies Act, 2013. One Person Company (OPC) is an entity that can be organized with only 1 owner, who can act as both the shareholder as well as a director of the company.


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