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FSSAI Annual Return Online

FSSAI Annual Return

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in short form FSSAI is an autonomous body that works on food safety and regulations and is governed under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Obtaining FSSAI Annual Return Online is compulsory for all businesses that deal with food and food-related products to file for FSSAI Annual Return.

Filing the FSSAI Annual Return

Business-related to food manufacturing, exporting, importing, selling are needed to file for the FSSAI annual return regularly.
Business operators who are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of milk products should file FSSAI annual return for every half-yearly.
Each Food Business Operators with an annual turnover exceeding Rs.12 lakh should file FASSI Annual Return.

What are the Benefits of Complying with FSSAI Annual Return in India?

There are numerous benefits of complying with FSSAI Annual Returns in India, a few of them are given below:-

Sustain Reputation
Annual Compliance by an establishment or individual which is registered under the requirements of FSSAI would sustain as well as comparatively increases the overall reputation of the company/entity. It will enable the public to trust an entity that complies with the obligations related to annual compliance as prescribed by the Government of India.

Increase In Brand Value
Any company will concede more reputation in the eyes of consumers that has an FSSAI license and complies with the rest of the compliances. Along with such benefits, the value derived by the entity would be more in comparison to the Noncompliant entities in the market.

Gets Government Support
Another benefit from this form of annual compliance enables more government support for the entities that comply with the FSSAI requirements.

How to file FSSAI Annual Return?

Food Business operators can file for FSSAI annual returns depending on their convenience. The FSSAI annual return form is there in two forms; the food business operator can fill it either physically or electronically as the form is available in both as well.
• The Details Required To File The FSSAI Annual Return Form Are Mentioned Below:
• The name of the Food product which is being manufactured, imported, exported, or handled.
• The size of the pack or bottle or can or any other package details
• Quantity in a metric ton
• Value of the food product
• Quantity or measurements in kgs in which the food product are being exported or imported
• The selling price of the food products (per unit or per kg)
• The list of the countries in which food products or food items are exported
Penalty for filing of FSSAI Annual Return beyond the due date
As per Section 2.1.13 (3) of FSSAI rules and Regulations, 2011, if the food business operators don’t record the annual return of the business within the specified time period, a penalty or a fine of Rs 100 will be pushed on them systematically and will continue increasing if the default proceeds.