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How To Avoid Being Underinsured?

Arjun is a healthy 30-year-old with no medical background, but his doctor found a mass in his lungs during a routine check-up and ordered further tests. Thankfully, the mass became benign, and no medical intervention was needed, but Arjun's experience was eye-opening. He knew that his current health insurance would not be sufficient to cover the expense of any medical procedure he would need.

Why Is Car Insurance Necessary?

Is there a need for four-wheeler insurance? This is a question that most ask, especially if you have been insurance premiums for years without making any claims. Such people consider themselves safe riders who do not require car insurance and believe it to be both a yearly hassle and financial burden, which they would avoid. The thing is you can never predict when something unfortunate happens. 

What Are The Features Of Two-Wheeler Insurance?

There is a drastic change in the bike insurance market, with many new insurance companies providing attractive offers, schemes, and benefits to customers. They have recently come up with a range of features to attract people, retain them, and increase their network. With the internet being a medium to buy insurance plans, the whole process has become fast, easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

How Does Critical Illness Plan Differ From Health Insurance?

More people are becoming the victim of non-communicable diseases. Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are taking a toll on human lives, becoming alarming nowadays. With the rising burden of the mass conditions, the other thing that goes together is the medical costs. Since the illness probability increases, healthcare costs are touching the roof, resulting in a financial crisis.

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