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you can level almost anyway you want

Submitted by ioaltsaon on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 05:05

This guide is a list of ways to level by area and progress with FFXIV Gil. Leveling in Final Fantasy is one of the main obstacles in the game until reach level 50. At that point you will be more concerned with gear and dungeons. But getting there quick does not mean successful. This guide will help you level quickly and efficiently. To level in Final Fantasy you will do many task and quests. At certain points of the game different ways of leveling may be beneficial. Such as FATES or dungeons instead of Quests. you can level almost anyway you want, but you want to be sure to keep up with your main scenario quest, and other quest and dungeons for gear. But this is just a handy guide, there is no wrong way to level if it works for you. LeveQuests are a mix between instances and fates, taking place in the server world but allowing contact with only people involved. It can be done in single player or in group. I prefer grabbing a few from a levemete and not returing until finishing them all, then being done for awhile. LeveQuests are like quests you can repeat and initiate from your journal. The first boss is sort of Diet Rafflesia; you kill hornets before they reach the center and stay out of bad. Second boss is mostly focused on killing the big green slime that he summons, as the little slimes can be safely healed through by even a mildly competent healer. The last boss is mostly a matter of staying out of the bad, but I quite like her comet mechanic: Have the victims stand at the edge of the room, then everyone runs from the future point of impact. It’s not a hard dungeon, but it feels a bit slog-like. The plants in the beginning don’t help matters, either; I hate proximity poison bombs like that.All right, this I love. I love the sleeping dragon mechanics, I love the bosses, I love the look, I love the gear that is dropped in the dungeon… it’s great stuff all around. You still cover a lot of ground, but it’s recognizably part of the same overall flow, which I also enjoy. In an expansion that seemed poised to be all dragons all the time, here’s your big dragon dungeon Aion Kinah , and it’s just as cool as you could hope without devolving into piles of the same stupid lizards.