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Winter coat wearing skills is the key, 60-year-old women remember 2 do not

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 11/17/2021 - 23:38

Coats are popular not only with younger women, but even with women in their sixties, who are particularly fond of choosing coats to wear in winter. Because the design of the coat not only makes people feel very fashionable, but also in the winter when it is put on, it will feel very warm.
So, for women in their 60s, here's a tip to remember when putting on a coat: no more. In this way, the whole look of a 60-year-old woman is elegant and appropriate.
One: Don't be too fat
1: Don't make mistakes in your choice
First of all, do not make mistakes in the selection of coats. A long a-line coat is not suitable for A short 60-year-old woman.
The downside of A long a-style coat: It can make A 60-year-old woman look short and fat, which is hard to control. But you can switch to a short coat or a medium length coat.
Like the advantages of a short coat: it can make a 60-year-old woman look taller, but also elongate the proportion of the figure. Wear suggestions: long plaid coat + dark coffee pants, the whole wear style makes people feel very generous and elegant.
2: Don't choose the wrong fabric
Secondly, when a 60-year-old woman chooses a coat, she should not make a mistake in choosing the fabric of the coat. For chubby 60-year-old women, fur coats are best avoided.
Disadvantages of fur fabrics: not only with a fluffy feeling, but also cause the whole outfit to become bloated. If you switch to a leather coat, the effect will be different.
The advantage of cortical fabrics: wear cold and soft, but also from the vision to achieve the purpose of slimming.
Wear suggestions: black long leather coat + small plaid pants show the field, but also very durable.
3: Color don't go wrong
In addition, the 60-year-old woman in the coat, also should pay attention to the choice of color do not make a mistake. Fluorescent coats, for example, are not easy to handle.
The downside: Fluorescent colors magnify imperfections, not only making them look black and fat, but also making people feel really awkward. But can choose dark department, for example black and dark coffee color is good.
Brunet department advantage: show slim, and hide meat effect is more obvious also.
Wear suggestions: dark coffee coat + dress, this combination highlights very temperament, but also very eye.
4: Don't make mistakes with your coat
In fact, the collocation of clothes, a little careless will be easy to make mistakes, for the coat collocation is the same. For example, if a 60-year-old woman chooses a sweater that is too loose for the inside, it will not be appropriate.
The disadvantage of too loose sweater: without the effect of shaping, with coat collocation, the whole will appear to have a few stout, but can change tight sweater.
Pros: Tight sweaters are snug and don't look too fat.
How to wear it: Coat + black turtleneck sweater + blue pipe jeans, also very attractive, but also very dignified.
Two: Don't be rustic
1: Don't go wrong with your hat
When a 60-year-old woman wears a coat with a hat, don't be careless about the choice of hat, for example, baseball cap.
The downside: At 60, a baseball cap can look young, which isn't appropriate, but a beret is fine.
The upside: It makes the face look smaller, and it makes a 60-year-old woman look younger and more sophisticated.
How to wear it: A black beret, coat and khaki wide-leg pants is a great look for women.
2: Don't go wrong with your shoes
For coat with shoes, a 60-year-old woman should not be too careless, or it will look ugly and rustic. Like platform shoes, don't wear them.
The downside: Platforms can be clunky, tiring and unaesthetic for a 60-year-old woman, but ankle boots work fine.
The advantage of ankle boots: stylish and comfortable, but also warm, 60 year old women wear, can put on the shape of a very classy, but also very goddess.
How to wear: Black coat + grey sweater + white pants + black ankle boots, not only show a sense of class, but also very calm.
3: Don't go wrong with your scarf
If a 60-year-old woman's coat and scarf do not match well, then it will make people feel cheap, is also a story. For example, don't wear scarves that are too colorful.
The downside of this scarf: It's skin-picking, tricky to handle, and can get a little tacky if you don't get it right, but camel scarves are fine.
The pros: Camel scarves are closer to skin tone and are a textured color without being dull.
Wear suggestions: camel scarf + gray coat + jeans, the whole person looks stylish, and very noble.
4: Lattice elements should not be too complicated
The last point is that 60-year-old women do not choose too complicated plaid elements of the coat, in this point, 60-year-old women should pay more attention to.
The downside of too many plaid elements: This coat is hard to control and can feel a bit cheap and tacky. The outfit can also look frumpy, so go for a coat in a solid color.
The advantages of pure color coat: although it looks simple, but the more you look, the more you taste, it is also better to match, giving a person the impression of clothes, but also connotation.
Wear suggestions: gray coat + black pants, give a person a sense of elegance and introverted.Read more at:formal wear | short cocktail dresses