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The winners will be able to buy

Submitted by fifafifa on Thu, 01/28/2016 - 16:47

 Nintendo of Japan is  NHL 16 UT Coins absolution a appropriate Bound Copy 3DS XL with a Charizard skin, but those who ambition to buy one will accept to win a raffle draw afore they can put down any money.To be in the alive to buy a Charizard 3DS XL, those absorbed accept to aboriginal appointment a Pokémon Centermost banker in Japan amid Nov. 3 and Nov. 26 and abounding out a form. Those who ambition to mail in their anatomy can download a archetype from the Pokémon website. The participant's data will be recorded and they will afresh go into a "lottery draw".


The winners will be able to buy the Pokémon-themed 3DS XL for 18,900 yen (approximately $236). The winners will be notified via postcard on Dec. 7, 2012. Applications are bound to one anatomy per accepting and if winners try to alteration their postcards to anyone abroad they will be disqualified. The antagonism is alone accessible to those in Japan.This isn't the aboriginal Pokémon-themed 3DS XL Nintendo has announced. Beforehand this ages Nintendo arise a chicken Pikachu 3DS XL, which will be accessible in Europe afterwards this year. There is currently no absolution date or bulk for the Pikachu handheld console.