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Why you should eat organic food?

Submitted by fainamarco on Mon, 03/01/2021 - 18:58

For taste, for empathy with the environment and even for economy, the good reasons to " eat organic " are many. Today we share the benefits of consuming organic food.
A few years ago, "eating organic" was seen as a food trend followed by people apparently concerned about the environment and health.
Not much was known, except for some products from the supermarket or for people who invited people to buy local products in tianguis and traveling markets.
However, this vision of farmers and small producers to offer food that is free of toxins and grown respecting nature in its processes has nothing to do with a passing fad.
On the contrary, what is sought is a healthy and conscious lifestyle. And every day more and more people are beginning to adopt it.
Organic foods are those agricultural products that come from crops or animal husbandry in which herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, hormones, vaccines and antibiotics have not been used.
In the case of plants, their cultivation does not involve seeds with genetic alterations (preferably seeds of more than three generations of organic treatment are used).
If we talk about eggs, milk or meat, the animals must have been fed with these types of plants or seeds, with fresh pastures and raised without stress.
Likewise, traditional agricultural methods and non-polluting techniques are used to avoid soil erosion.

This has great benefits in several ways. Humberto Moro, a permaculture designer and organic producer, graduated from Ecology Action School in Willits, California, explains why it is better to eat organic.
Mainly it is for health, since it is certain that you are eating foods that do not contain toxic substances and, instead, a very vast mineral diversity to form more resistant body structures (the brain development of children, for example, is greatly favored).
According to the European Project Quality Low Input Food, "organic fruits and vegetables have up to 40% more antioxidants than conventional vegetables."
In addition, "not including poisons in the diet allows the body to spend time regenerating, detoxifying and strengthening."
The flavors are also outstanding, as well as its colors and textures.
Meat has more vitamin E and less intramuscular fat (because the animal is not immobilized), which means less "bad" cholesterol.
Likewise, according to Impulso Orgánico Mexicano AC, “organic meats do not suffer from biological contamination: 'mad cow disease' (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), foot-and-mouth disease, intoxication with the Escherichia coli bacteria (famous in industrial hamburgers) or salmonellosis (in eggs and poultry), since the certifiers control the traceability of the cattle”.
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