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Why would men purchase a realistic silicone sex doll?

Submitted by aldollsale on Wed, 12/21/2022 - 18:53

Some men are not able to have a relationship with women. These men are not homosexual or asexual. However, they may have Aspberger's disease or other conditions that render traditional dating and interpersonal relationships impossible.

These sex doll still have strong sexual desires and need, but they are unable to live a normal sex relationship with a human. These flat chested sex doll could be used as surrogates.

Male masturbators and sex toys are a great option for those who are single or married, but don't want to be bored. Males are left feeling empty and unable to satisfy their most primal urge, which is beyond hunger. This is due to society and spouse being hostile to any possible solutions.

The dolls have a lot of advantages, but the media tends to make the dolls seem like a bunch of weirdos. They are treated as human beings for other purposes than sex which is odd as I only see them as tools. The realistic sex doll gives the male a more satisfying sex experience than abstinence and masturbation. You can do marriage counseling or health management to help your sex life, and it's possible. However, 80-90% of the times any slowdown in sex in relationships is permanent. This is quite normal.

As the medical industry has not been happy to learn, female sex drive problems are often complex and insoluble. It can be more satisfying. Surprisingly it can be a great workout and can encourage men to exercise more. It is much more enjoyable than you might expect, even though it is not quite as satisfying as the real thing. You feel more satisfied when you do it than if you just sit there waving your hands. It is also easier on the genital skin because the silicone or soft rubber is less abrasive than your hands.

This is a great alternative to having an affair that won't benefit anyone long-term. Women are not interested in physical sex with men. They are constantly looking for other things and sex is just one means of achieving that end. The doll does not have any other agenda than to make money. Men view the loss of sexuality and its consequences as death. They cannot share this feeling with their spouses or anyone else. This makes an older man less despairing and spares many women from what they consider a tedious task.