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Why Is Vst Shakti Tractor The Best Option For Farmers?

Vst Shakti Tractor is one of the oldest tractor companies in India which produces fine and excellent tractors. The company plays a very important role in the farming sector, providing unique and innovative tractors. Vst tractors come equipped with advanced farm solutions, enhancing productivity and profitability.

Vst Shakti Tractors - Specifications and Prices

Vst Shakti provides a wide range of tractors, starting from 16.5 hp to 50 hp, available in 2wd and 4wd variants. These variants are available in 1/2/3/4-cylinders and single/dual clutch options and are available at prices starting from Rs. 2.88 Lakh and goes to Rs. 8.63 Lakh.

Vst Shakti Tractors - Innovative Features

Vst tractors offer many special qualities and features, making them the preferred choice of tractors among farmers, some of the features defined below.

Vst Shakti tractors have the latest technology and sustainable crop solutions to ensure enhanced productivity and income.
The engines of these tractors deliver optimum power during the operation.
These tractors are available at prices starting from Rs. 2.88 Lakh, which makes them budget-friendly and cost-effective.
These tractors provide a potent combination of style and look that makes them a significant attraction for the next-generation farmers.
Vst tractors are reliable, versatile, and high performer to suitable for agriculture operations like cultivation, tilling, sowing, planting, etc.

Vst Shakti Tractor - Popular Models, Features & Prices

Some of the foremost tractor models are defined with hp and price below.

. Vst Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4WD PLUS - 27 Hp
. Vst Shakti VT 224 -1D - 22 Hp
. Vst Shakti Viraaj XP 9054 DI - 50 Hp

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