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Submitted by Dean Jones on Thu, 12/26/2019 - 05:58

Do you aware of the estimated number of email users worldwide in 2017 was at 3.7 billion? And that number, according to Statista research, is expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2022.
Surely, those numbers indicate the email will not quit shortly. And so, it's no surprise advertisers still use email marketing to attract and retain consumers as one of their main tactics.

The biggest takeaway here is that with one simple tactic: Personalization, you can further increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns. And this goes far beyond just addressing your first name to your customers or prospects–there's so much more you can do.

The impression of Personalization on Email Marketing:

● Fifty percent of marketing influencers reported that the most successful email marketing strategy is personalization.

● And 37% found data segmentation to be another effective email marketing strategy for Personalization.

● Nonetheless, a study found that by exploiting personalization, 82 percent of advertisers experienced an improvement in their email open rates.

These numbers clearly show how personalization has an enormous impact on your email campaigns ' success. We will look at some simple ways to use personalization in this article to make your email marketing even more effective.

Strategies for Email Marketing Personalization:

1. Personalize your emails by using dynamic content
2. Personalize your emails by segmentation
3. Personalize your email with special offers
4. Personalize according to product recommendations
5. Personalize with landing page

● Personalize your emails by using dynamic content:

Using dynamic content saves you the effort to tweak every email for hours to make it relevant to your customers or prospects. Essentially, you only need to write a single email, but you can customize portions of it based on the customer segment to which you send it. The customer feels special because relevant information is received and offers are delivered directly to their inbox.
Dynamic content allows you to decide who sees the material within an email for each content block. It means that for a specific campaign, you can show different email content for different segments or lists.

● Personalize your emails by segmentation:

You know the tastes and desires of your consumers are different. And you can't expect a one-size-fits-all solution to keeping them satisfied, right? Therefore, you need to focus on creating different segments of customers based on their preferences and interests. You can then use these categories to give your customers and prospects more appropriate and personalized deals and suggestions.
Now, consumers are bombarded with so much information that to be heard you need to cut through the noise: give them the information that is important to them.

● Personalize your email with special offers:

Why not personalize them according to the category to which a customer belongs instead of providing the same standard discounts and deals to everyone?
When buyers are exposed to more specific deals, you are likely to notice an improvement in click-through rates.

● Personalize according to product recommendations:

Personalization for customer suggestions can go a long way to show that you care about them to your consumers. A Salesforce study found that 76 percent of consumers expect companies to consider their needs and preferences.

A perfect way to show your consumers that you appreciate their interests is to provide product recommendations based on their history of what to buy next.

This is a great strategy not only to prove you know what they want but also to get some extra sales. How-to guides can get your customers to buy some of the other things that you suggested in your emails.

● Personalize with a landing page:

The landing page must continue to flow to the next destination. Continue the momentum going forward by creating custom landing pages with personalized content based on the email that takes the user to this stage.

By keeping the email message focused on detail, you will sync the interaction with better consistency at the next destination. The whole process is simplified, and there is less uncertainty as to how the author will continue to follow the path.

Final Thoughts:

Now, you know, how email personalization can bring impactful results for your brand (and you also know the best implementation practices.) All you have to do here is start to create your personalized email campaigns and to test what tactics work best for your audience.
Moreover, Email marketing may create some problems at some points and there's nothing more annoying than making an email deliberately for it to bounce back because you've got the wrong email address.

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