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Why a backpacking water purifier

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The water is heavy and a pain to continue the hike. When it's safe to drink, an outdoor water feature is the answer. Here are the best backpacking water filters and filters from to keep you from coming home with stomach problems. The use of water filters and portable water purification technology has revolutionized the problem of hydration for backpackers and adventurers over the years, with many variations and methods available. In the meantime, backpacking water purifiers are more appreciated than ever.
Four options for water treatment
Backpacking Water Purifiers – Not to be confused with water purification systems. This category includes small systems for ultralight backpacking, which handle more capacity. There are many options such as gravity systems, pump systems, etc.
UV Water Purifier – If you are traveling abroad to areas where viruses can lurk in the water, you will need a water purification system. It works quickly, but it is not suitable for drinking a lot of water at one time and requires batteries.
Chemical treatments for water purification – Many chemical systems on the market are very effective in treating water. Like UV systems, it kills everything: bacteria, protozoa, viruses. Most use chlorine dioxide, which leaves little aftertaste or color. The drawback here is the waiting time. Most pathogens are killed in about 30 minutes, but Cryptosporidium takes 4 hours. As an advantage, it can process large amounts of water at once.
Why a backpacking water purifier?
You've seen all these walks on YouTube. Long days and nights of nature hiking, and hikers talk about losing weight, going ultralight, etc. Well, the water is not light. The best backpacking water purifiers are essential for keeping your backpack light and allowing you to get water from unexpected places.
The options listed below offer multiple options for obtaining water. Lifestraw is something to have on hand for more emergencies. This is an affordable option at around $12.
Weight was a consideration for many of these backpacking water purifiers. Ideally, if you're car camping, you shouldn't worry too much. Oh my gosh, just fill the jug with water from home and leave it in the car. These options can help you keep your weight down on multiple hikes, so think about how far you're going, how much water you can carry, and be aware of what water sources you'll encounter along the way.
Portable Water Purifier Buying Guide
Wherever you are and whatever you do, having clean drinking water is a priority. Whether you're camping, hiking, or just exploring new trails in the mountains, you want to make sure the water you drink is clean and healthy. A portable water purifier offers the perfect solution for these scenarios. Small enough to fit in a backpack and efficient enough to clean natural water sources.
But choosing the right portable water filter can seem like a daunting task with so many different models available. Some of them work better than others. That's why we've put together this guide to help you buy the right one. Read on to find out how to choose a portable water filter, how it works, and why you should always use one when you travel.
Ultimately, the best way to purify your water while hiking or backpacking depends on personal preference and where you need to purify your water. Do research in the areas you explore most often to see what's hiding under the water. This will help you understand what kind of treatment your water needs.