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who lives downstairs to put things right

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ing in the back of a white pickup truck serving as an unwitting symbol of the resilience , love and hope Albertans have displayed during the floods.Mitchell, who used to work as a photojournalist, arranged for the marriage commissioner, who was stuck in Banff, to hand the couple s marriage license to a truck driver who was shuttling people through the single lane open on a washed-out highway.Then, she managed to find another marriage commissioner locally.Patricia Compton, whose own basement was flooded, was up for it, saying she needed something to make her feel good.With only four out of the 175 or so invited guests present, the couple married on a rainy Saturday, with the full support of a community elated to see love shine through a struggle.We were so worried that we would be doing something disrespectful, Ms.Bierman told the Huffington Post.But when the locals themselves started to encourage us, that s when we knew it was going to be OK.pre-loaded debit cards to Alberta flood victimsDave Bidini: Scenes from the Canmore flood zoneThe photo was snapped just an hour after the 1 pm vows, in a rare break of sunshine that cut through the rainy day, Ms.The whole town was feeling hope, she said.When we were shooting that photo, many people came out on the deck to watch.Mitchell and a photographer friend, who also drove through flood waters to assist, stood in calf-to-knee deep muddy, raw sewage-tinged water to get the shot, taken in two runs with the truck.Bierman donned her trusty green hunting rubber boots underneath her white dress, Ms.delighted to be married and ready to start the rest of their lives.We just want to thank everyone who went so far above and beyond what they needed to do, Ms.So many people helped us get married that didn t need to help us.They are such good , good people.Q A: Marla McLean on being a newlywed at the Shaw FestivalIn May, we spoke to the Shaw Festival s artistic director, Jackie Maxwell, about the joys and struggles of the Festival s six-day work week.She mentioned that actors, if they are hoping to get married during the season, have to do it on a Monday, so it does not conflict with the performance schedule.One such wedding took place on May 20 of this year between actors Marla McLean and Graeme Somerville.But with the Shaw season running until November, it may prove difficult to plan a honeymoon anytime soon.McLean returns to the Shaw Festival in 2013 for her eighth season, playing the role of Lady Windermere in Lady Windermere s Fan (which our own Robert Cushman called, both visually and tonally, a masterpiece ).She will also appear as Caroline Bramble in Enchanted April, which begins previews on June 25.In addition to her years of service at Shaw, McLean has also been a regular fixture on regional theatre stages across the country.In 2003, McLean won a Robert Merritt Award for Outstanding Actress for her portrayal of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker.The Post spoke to McLean from her home in Niagara-on-the-Lake.Below, what it s like to be Marla McLean, in her own words:I don t think our honeymoon will be happening soon.We finish here at the end of October, but like all actors, we re gypsies, so we might be moving on to other work.Our plan is to go to Paris at some point and wander the streets, but that may have to be next year.I grew up in Nova Scotia.I was born in Sydney, Cape Breton, grew up in Dartmouth, and spent my summers in Prince Edward Island.I had a couple of favourite movies growing up.One was Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand.The other was The Usual Suspects.I ve seen it far too many times to say out loud.Boots are my go-to accessory.if you throw those on with a dress , you re good to go.You can tackle the world.There are so many actors who inspire me.Sharry Flett and Mary Haney.Their work ethic is exceptional.Their detail and passion on stage is inspiring to watch.I look at those women and think, If I could be half the actor they are, I would be all right.I have a couple of favourite roles that I ve played.Lady Windermere, my current role, is definitely up there.Peter Hinton has taken a classical piece and turned it on its head.I ve done a lot of classical work, but to have an opportunity to play a role that s quite traditional on paper, and then lift it outside that box it s been a great challenge and a huge pleasure.It s been a fantastic adventure working with Peter Hinton.He s a visionary, and he is very clear as to what that vision is.He s great at letting his actors in.So once we got on the train and it certainly was a train there are times when we would go off the rails, but that was an acceptable practice in rehearsals, which was a great thing both for him and us.It was a great adventure.I m not reading anything right now.I m preparing for an audition right now.Actually, it s Jane Eyre, so that s what I m reading.I m listening to a lot of Mumford Sons.It wasn t the last thing I bought, but it s something I keep coming back to.I m learning to cook.I m teaching myself, and I am a great sous-chef to my new husband.Edited from an interview with David Rockne CorriganLady Windermere s Fan plays at Shaw s Festival Theatre through October 19.Enchanted April runs June 25 October 26.For more information, visit ShawFest.Sondra Gotlieb: It s twilight of the doorknobs as our whole house falls apartWe live in a three-story house, but most of our friends of our ancient age have cleverly moved to condos.Apparently nothing goes wrong in a condo, and if it does, there’s always a helpful handyman who lives downstairs to put things right, tout suite.But in our 100-plus-year-old house, we never know what to do when our latest problem strikes.There have been problems since we purchased it a generation or so ago.Occasionally we just let it go as long as it’s not the toilet overflowing or the water not running.Our family on both sides has never been handy with hammer and nails, or even diagnosing the problem.Our latest challenge is doorknobs.Don’t try opening .