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Who Invented Sex Dolls?

The invention of sex dolls is not attributed to a single individual but rather to a series of developments over centuries, influenced by cultural and technological changes.
Early Prototypes
The concept of sex dolls dates back to the 17th century when sailors, isolated on long voyages, created "dames de voyage" or "dames de voyage." These early prototypes were made from cloth and leather, providing companionship during extended periods at sea.
20th Century Advancements
In the 20th century, the idea of sex dolls evolved significantly. The 1930s saw the production of the first inflatable sex dolls in Germany. These early versions were simple and lacked the sophistication of modern models. There are also anecdotal accounts of Nazi Germany's Borghild Project during World War II, which allegedly aimed to create inflatable dolls for soldiers. However, concrete evidence of this project's existence is minimal.

Modern Innovations
The major transformation in the sex doll industry occurred in the late 20th century. Matt McMullen, an American artist and entrepreneur, is often credited with revolutionizing modern sex dolls. In 1997, he founded Abyss Creations and launched the RealDoll, a high-end silicone doll with realistic features and customizable options. McMullen's work set new standards for realism and quality, making sex dolls more socially acceptable and desirable.
Technological Enhancements
Today, sex dolls have integrated advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and robotics sex doll. Companies like RealDoll and Rosretty Doll have developed models that can interact with users, featuring AI for conversations and responsive touch sensors. These innovations cater to a growing demand for more lifelike and engaging experiences.
The invention of sex dolls is a cumulative process rather than the achievement of a single inventor. From the rudimentary creations of 17th-century sailors to the sophisticated AI-integrated dolls of today, the evolution of sex dolls reflects ongoing advancements in materials and technology. Pioneers like Matt McMullen have played a crucial role in transforming sex dolls into realistic and interactive companions, pushing the boundaries of what these love dolls can offer.