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What is the safest way to dress in winter

Submitted by blueandred on Fri, 11/12/2021 - 03:58

Winter clothing is really not so difficult as we imagine, there is no so complex, want to create a quick go out and will not go wrong modelling, basic paragraph + basic color can be done.
Classic single style with classic color does not pick the color of skin, it is difficult to make a simple mistake, it is also difficult not to let people find out the fault, often card point class, work girls, must be prepared for screen shots, miss it is difficult to meet again oh ~
Style article
In the selection of suitable for the winter wear out of the basic single product, I will first choose a versatile wool coat, has not officially entered the 39 days, wear it to go out or can resist some cold.
When choosing a woolen coat, there are three things to remember:
First, the coat version must be concise, whether it is profile, H shape or S shape, the body must ensure 100 percent of the sense of hanging and texture.
Second, the coat fabric must have thickness. In order to avoid the situation of not keeping warm, the coat fabric must be 100% thick. If you can choose the style of adding a thin layer of down inside, it will be the best.
Third, the length of the coat must be suitable for your height. Although the long coat on the blogger is very impressive, but it is not worn by girls with 170 height, which is actually very tight.
If you can't find the right coat for your height, you can also choose the next best thing: a woolen blazer, made of the same material and thickness, that can accommodate all heights.
The version of the big lapel is matched with the length of the body covering the butt, delicate and charming, an outer tie waist waist, it is easy to enhance the waist line, divide the proportion of the body, small girls wear the upper body, but also a good display of royal sister fan, especially "prince" that fan ~
The third basic coat we recommend is a cotton-padded coat with fur, soft plush with handsome leather fabric, which should be a stitching cotton-padded coat with the most visual impact style! Sweet lovely lovely girl can wear, light familiar intellectual royal elder sister can wear.
If you want to add layers, go with white plush and black leather. For more unity, go with brown plush and dark brown leather.
Color piece
When choosing a basic single product, we must pay attention to whether the color of the single product conforms to the daily aesthetic standards. In order to ensure that we can go out quickly, it is suggested to live in these colors.
The first kind, pure black, winter wear black is one of the strongest undoubtedly also is inclusive, plump little sister, you can choose to tight black render unlined upper garment is tie-in black warm coat, moderate proportions of little sister, can choose light color base on black cotton-padded jacket, bony figure of a little sister, can choose the black is tight render with light color cotton-padded jacket.
The second recommended color is the classic camel color. Camel colors with different shades have different effects on the wearer, but in terms of tolerance, this color will not be treated differently.
Like gentle wind little sister, can choose the most conventional camel single product, coat, suit and down jacket are OK, like cold royal sister wind little sister, can choose to slant gray camel single product, all kinds of lining, coat, lower clothing can be arranged.
And, of course, if you feel overall modelling are all unified the color of camel's hair too no aesthetic feeling, also can choose this way of mixed color blogger, using classic black the collocation with classic of camel's hair, satisfy the need of the administrative levels feeling and satisfy the meat thin, need to go out quickly, principle of fashion and aesthetic feeling, must learn to dress like a lazy sisters.
The third recommended color is suitable for a small area of the niche color.
For example, gray, for ordinary girls, large area of gray tone sheet is difficult to wear a wonderful, gray feeling will make the overall model lost vitality, but a small area, but can play a role in brightening the overall tone, we can choose scarves, bags, shoes and socks, gloves, a small and unique style.
Still have the color that a kind suits small area to appear is white, in the life of great majority common girl actually, can choose the modelling of whole body white rarely, what's more it is cold winter.
So for those who prefer white pieces, go for a smaller white area with a white lining (high neck tights, crew-neck tops, shirts) and white shoes (pointy Chelsea boots, Martens, sneakers, sneakers).Read more at: adelaide formal dresses | white formal dresses