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What Is The Purpose Of Swimming Pool Pumps, And Why Are They So Necessary?

Submitted by lizseyi on Thu, 06/20/2024 - 02:12

Having your very own home swimming pool can be extremely rewarding, and with the spring fast approaching in earnest, we’re definitely coming up to the time of year when that is likely to be particularly the case for you and your household.
However, even if your pool itself seems to be well-sorted in terms of its design, location, and installation, you will still have a lot more work to do on it.
Yes, we’re referring to the ongoing maintenance of your pool, and specifically in this article, the role that swimming pool pumps play in keeping pools pleasurable and safe to use.

If you want to benefit from good-quality water, you need a swimming pool pump

All the fantasy of swimming pool ownership that led you to acquire one in the first place – the popular image of crystal-clear, clean water reflecting an azure summer sky – will inevitably turn into a murky, dirty, and unhealthy reality if you don’t maintain your pool properly.
Swimming pool pumps play a critically important role here, incorporating a filter that water is pumped through, followed by the water being circulated back into the pool. This process allows for treatment chemicals to be dispersed, and guards against any risk of the water becoming stagnant.
You might wonder why you can’t just keep your pool clean the “traditional” way – by simply using a skimmer to remove any objects or debris. Alas, while this is fine for getting rid of larger objects that may end up in your pool, such as leaves, any finer debris – such as sand, dirt, and dust – can easily be missed by such manual processes, and end up settling at the bottom of the pool.
When pool water accumulates such dirt and debris, it will become contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria in the process. By contrast, having the right swimming pool pump can enable you to enjoy stunning-looking water that is free of debris and bacteria – water that you and your family will actually want to swim in.

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