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What is Digital Marketing

In the modern world, the ways of influencing a potential consumer are rapidly changing. One of the most popular in recent years has become Digital Marketing (digital marketing), which can not only collect accurate and objective information about the target audience, but also track the results of promoting a brand or product. An integrated approach allows you to use the most effective promotion channels.

Digital Marketing is the marketing of goods and services using digital technologies. It is used at all stages of interaction with consumers in the b2c and b2b segments. Unlike online marketing, digital marketing also involves offline channels. The effectiveness of this direction is due to close interaction with consumers and coverage of the target audience. Digital Marketing is actively used to promote well-known brands. If you are interested in email owner lookup, follow the link to find out more.

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing
Often Digital Marketing is confused with Internet marketing, so it is worth dwelling on this in more detail. Although "digital" includes all the tools of conventional Internet marketing, it is not limited to only Internet advertising and also uses digital channels that are not related to the Internet. These can be TV ads, applications, SMS mailings, etc.

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Here are the main advantages of digital marketing:

If you need to acquaint a rather limited target audience with a product or brand more deeply, then you should use contextual advertising, create joint projects with the most popular sites for this audience.
If the offer is created specifically for a young and advanced audience, then social media, mobile and Internet applications, as well as viral videos will achieve wide coverage.
If you need to tell about the offer to the widest possible range of potential consumers, but TV is not available, then you can use viral content, Internet PR and non-standard large-scale promotions. These are all elements of digital marketing.
It is most convenient to talk about a complex, multi-component product in an online video.
Often the choice is made on a wave of emotions, so a positive attitude is important. Beautiful images, dynamic animations and emotional videos will help you create it.
Promotion of products/services requires constant communication with the consumer. A popular way to connect with the audience is social networks. This media space helps to form a loyal attitude towards the brand.
Obvious cons
There is no perfect promotion tool, and digital marketing is no exception. First of all, it takes time. It takes months and years to succeed in the digital space. Digital marketing will not work when choosing a couple of channels and tools, you will have to constantly come up with something new, try everything in order to understand the approaches that are beneficial for this particular company.

And most importantly, in digital marketing, you need to constantly be in the know, analyze and direct the work. A single use will not lead to success. It is necessary to constantly monitor the situation and make changes.

Although digital marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing, many companies are not ready to implement it. Businesses need leaders who can master new technologies and implement them. Marketers must analyze brands and predict the future. The most important element of digital marketing is choosing the right balance between human resources and technology in accordance with the needs of the target client. To learn more about boddy find people, follow the link.

Digital Marketing Tools
The digital sphere is one of the key success factors for promotion. Such advertising is used literally in any area of ​​modern business. Most of all, it is common in online stores, in the provision of services, in virtual learning. This advertising approach is also used to promote startups and brands.

Ideally, every company should work with all digital marketing channels and choose the most effective set of basic and advanced tools.

Basic tools
Digital advertising has different types. The choice of a tool for promoting a product, service or brand depends on them. Key digital marketing tools:

Content marketing (publications on thematic sites, blogs, etc.);
Email marketing (mailing lists, which can also be part of content marketing);
SMM (promotion of groups in social networks);
Targeted advertising in social networks;
Contextual advertising;
Media advertising;
SEO (website promotion in search engines);
Partnership programs;
The site of the company;
Audio and video advertising (advertising in podcasts, online radio, etc.)
Content creation  is the process of filling the media space with information (articles, videos, infographics, blogs, images, etc.) to attract the audience's attention to a product or service. It is the basis of "inbound marketing" (inbound marketing) - an affordable replacement for intrusive and expensive advertising. By creating interesting and useful content, companies win a place in the market.

SMM or social marketing  - attracting traffic / attention of the audience through social networks. Thanks to the huge active audience, social networks are used both to promote the brand and to expand the audience and even for active sales. It also helps to find a loyal audience, get feedback and increase user activity.

A landing page  (or an entire website) that describes the product and its benefits is the face of the company and is often not just a business card, but a tool to attract users (leads). Conversion is the main indicator of website performance.

The app store  has its own promotion mechanisms: ratings, reviews, popularity, featuring. First of all, you need to properly design the product page. Advertising text, screenshots, videos, work with ratings and reviews - all this affects success.

SEO  - getting traffic from search results in search engines is a long-term tool that requires work both with the technical part (optimization of site architecture, working with HTML and links) and with content that not only increases the ranking in search results, but also forms confidence in the product and the company.

Press work  , managing the distribution of information through electronic and traditional media, has much in common with content creation, but it is not possible to completely control the published information about the product.

User support  is also important  - providing customer service before, during and after the purchase of the product. Good user support will help smooth out product flaws and reduce the level of negativity. The user should feel your care and desire to improve your product.

Today, great importance is attached to such a concept as  user experience  - any aspect of human interaction with a product, including interface, graphics, design, content, physical interaction. It is necessary to achieve maximum involvement of the user and the commission of a targeted action. If your application/product is not unique in the market, then user experience will be one of the main factors influencing the choice.

Do not forget about  strategic partnerships  - mutually beneficial relationships with other companies that work in the same field, but do not compete with your product. You can increase brand awareness, expand your audience, increase user loyalty through cooperation with other companies.

The exchange of affiliate links, joint promotions and marketing campaigns provide an opportunity to reduce advertising costs and increase audience coverage.

It is useful to use an affiliate marketing channel - a promotion model with the help of other companies: resellers, distributors, marketing companies.

This tool often helps startups that do not have experience, a large advertising budget and human resources. The company bears minimal risks and pays for a specific result.

Email. The traditional tool is to send product information via e-mail to a specific person or group of recipients. If you set it up correctly and correctly determine the recipients of the mailing list, then this tool can become a fairly effective way of selling.

Ad networks  are another online promotion tool that is close to affiliate marketing. Its essence is to provide traffic / users to the customer and receive payment for a specific user action. This is one of the most accurate and simple tools.

Each tool has its pros and cons. The most important thing is to determine which set of tools will be the most effective. Using only one tool will not give a serious result.

Advanced Tools
A valuable advanced tool is influencer marketing. It is based on the creation or use of a person-authority and can change the attitude of customers to the product and its perception.

It is also worth taking note of the principles of strategic partnerships with non-competitive firms: these can be joint promotions, presentations and other events. By choosing a worthy organization, you can attract more potential customers.

Contextual advertising  is another tool that is closely related to SEO optimization. In this case, the user's search queries are automatically selected, on the basis of which the list of advertisements is formed. Banner advertising involves placing an advertisement on a specific site.

Targeted ads  are usually posted on social media. In fact, this is a link that takes the user to the advertiser's website. Viral advertising is very effective: users themselves distribute the videos or advertising links that interest them, sending them to their friends or simply posting them on their page on a social network.

native advertising. In this case, the mention of the product is organically inscribed in the text of the article. Native ads affect the reader more than annoying pop-up ads.

Finally -  advertising in mobile applications  . It is embedded in games and applications for smartphones, tablets and other digital media.

So, we have examined in detail the main tools of online digital advertising. But there is another type of advertising.

In offline advertising, ways to attract an audience from real life to virtual life and vice versa play an important role. The best device for this is a smartphone. A smartphone user can be sent an SMS with a link to the company's website.

You can also place advertisements and interesting offers in public places: on rooftops, electronic displays, panels, billboards, brackets, banners, monitors, etc. A link to your site can be displayed on an advertisement or presented as a QR code.

Since the opinions expressed by consumers about your product may become known to other people, potential customers and the media, it is better to cooperate with them. If you want to be written about, be interested, but be prepared not only for positive reviews, but also for criticism.

However, the main feature of digital marketing is not that it can be online or offline, but in its measurability and manageability. That is, you can not only predict and roughly calculate advertising revenue, but also measure the results and make adjustments based on them.

Promotion channels
What are digital marketing channels? These are social networks; self-service terminals; interactive displays; information and advertising digital signs (Digital Signage); POS terminals; Internet sites; gaming consoles; offline stores; computers, laptops and tablets; digital television; smartphone applications; gadgets; local networks.

For example, if you want to advertise a brand or product to a rather limited target audience, then contextual advertising is well suited for this, as well as collaboration with sites that are popular with potential customers.

If a product is aimed at a young and progressive audience, then a significant number of consumers can be reached through social networks, mobile applications, online advertising or viral videos. If you need to reach a large audience, you can create viral content, turn to online advertising and original large-scale offline promotions.

If your product needs regular interaction with the consumer, then the media space is currently the most popular way to communicate with a significant part of the audience. Such communication increases loyalty, allows you to organize large promotions, and helps to understand the motives and behavior of potential customers.

Digital strategy
Serious marketing strategies require certain investments and competent specialists. Only then will the results be most noticeable. Modern digital marketing is the App Store and Google Play applications, the use of all ways to attract consumers. Do not ignore the advertising opportunities of digital marketing: create digital advertising and distribute it through product promotion channels. Pay attention to gaming applications - they also collect an audience and allow you to place ads.

In general, if you want to integrate digital into your marketing and business, then you need a strategy. Compose your business goals and digital integration goals, define the target audience. Formulate your unique selling proposition. Think about which channels and tools to use given what you already have and use.

Think over a content marketing strategy, how you will convey your content to the target audience. Prioritize tasks, performers, deadlines, determine advertising budgets, consider ways to evaluate intermediate results (KPI), analyze them and adjust the strategy accordingly. It is necessary to constantly analyze key indicators, adjust, eliminate problematic, non-working places and work on improving the strategy.

Modern trends in the development of digital marketing are aimed at creating new options for interacting with consumers, user experience. At the same time, advertising on social networks is gradually losing popularity. Studies show that they pay attention to only 10% of ads.

Mobile messengers are replacing social networks as an easier and more convenient way to communicate. Search engines are becoming more competitive. More and more Internet users are looking for product information on commercial websites.

The popularity of text content is falling in favor of video, which activates the corresponding types of digital promotion.