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Used New Energy Trucks in stock

Used New Energy Trucks in stock SHACMAN M3000 6脳4 Electric Dump Truck
Model seriesSHACMAN M3000 Electric Dump Truck
Drive wheel8脳4 / 6脳4
Cargo tank length8M / 5.6M
Factory standard battery life210KM - 300KM
charging methodsrapid charging
battery capacity234.16kWh - 422kWh
battery brandCATL MFH3L8 / CATL CB240
charging time
Motor brandSNC TZ420XSC1TB1 / SNC TZ420XS360K01
Vehicle weight10.1T - 12.67T
Capacity (load)31T
SteeringLeft/customer's requirement
Rear axleHAND 16T MAN / 13T MAN
Colorcustomer's requirement
BrandSHACMAN M3000
The maximum output power of SHACMAN M3000 pure electric dump truck is 250KW, with abundant power.
The battery of this model adopts the lithium iron phosphate power battery of Ningde era, with a total power of 374.65kWh and a driving range of more than 210km.
The vehicle is equipped with Eaton F0-16E308LL transmission, which enables the vehicle to start smoothly under full load or other load conditions. High speed driving can also reduce the motor speed and increase the driving range.
The chassis of SHACMAN traditional fuel dump truck is used, and batteries are installed on both sides of the chassis. There is a fast charging interface on the left and right sides of the rear of the car, which can be charged for one hour at the same time with two guns, ensuring the daily operation requirements.
The car is equipped with a number of safety configurations with higher reliability. It is matched with Hande 16t TGX bipolar casting bridge, and the integrated design of axle housing and axle box further improves the bearing performance. High efficiency heat dissipation main reducer axle housing, with 18 stiffeners, makes the heat dissipation effect better at low speed and heavy load. In addition, it is equipped with a high-strength suspension system, multiple leaf springs at the front and rear, four main plates and four riding bolts to ensure excellent load-bearing performance.
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