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Use sex dolls moderately

Suggestions on how to maintain sex dolls

Male sex dolls are popular because of their realistic appearance and complete structure. The effective components used to design these dolls provide a knack for real characteristics. In order to maintain the elasticity, beauty and firmness of the physical dolls, it is important to clean and maintain these dolls every day.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of sex dolls
To clean the sex doll, it must be washed with warm water, paying attention to the need to use a mild detergent (or antibacterial soap). In order to keep all parts of the doll clean and tidy, you can often use a soft detergent, but you must pay attention to the color and softness of the doll's appearance will not be damaged.
Use sex dolls moderately
For plastic products like silicone sex dolls, in daily use, excessive twisting of the joints will damage its body. Therefore, be very cautious when dealing with physical dolls and do not try to swing its shape every day, which may cause irreversible damage to the doll to some extent. In addition, do not store the dolls in the same space for a long time, which may cause changes in the material of the silicone/TPE or dents and deformations in certain parts.

Detachable parts for dust removal
If the mini sex doll wears a wig, it is recommended to remove the wig frequently and wash it with shampoo to avoid infection or damage. If needed, anyone can change the wig once a week to give the doll a striking look and feel.
Avoid direct contact with electrical appliances when cleaning: premium sex dolls may contain electronic equipment. In this case, it is best to remove the electronic parts before using detergent or using any other products. If it cannot be taken out, it is recommended to scrub the parts in the correct way instead of directly immersing the electronic equipment in water, otherwise the doll may collapse.
Wipe/rinse with a dry cloth
After washing and dusting the doll with antibacterial detergent or mild detergent, use a hot towel or soft towel to clean the remaining detergent.
Therefore, it is now clear that the physical doll needs proper maintenance, maintenance and a lot of protection details to keep it soft, gorgeous and strong. Personally, it doesn’t matter whether you buy an expensive or cheap sex doll, but always pay attention to proper cleaning and preservation