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Ulsan's Seol Young-woo's dreams of becoming an MVP and a celebration delivery error

Ulsan Hyundai's Seol Young-woo was overwhelmed.

Seol Young-woo received the Best 11 Award in the K League 1 category at the Hana OneQ K League Awards 2023, held at the Grand Ballroom on the third floor of Lotte Hotel World in Jamsil, Seoul, on April 4.

On the same day, Seol Young-woo jokingly began his post-award interview by saying, "I actually expected to win the award." He continued, "I want to be a player who can win the MVP award, but I don't dare to say how much. But I think I can get it before I retire," he said confidently.

"There was a time when I knew I was tired because I was playing multiple schedules, and I was disappointed that I didn't play well at that time," said Seol.

Finally, Seol Young-woo shared the story of her final game celebration with her teammate Uhm Won-sang. At that time, Seol Young-woo celebrated by raising the ball like a championship cup. There was a miscommunication.

Uhm Won-sang said, "(Seol) Young-woo seems to be greedy for the celebration. This time, even the bench players came out to 카지노사이트 celebrate, but Youngwoo was ahead of them. He's more greedy to celebrate than he is to score, but if he did the opposite, he could become the MVP (laughs)."

Seol Young-woo added, "It was a pre-arranged celebration, but I thought I wouldn't be a scorer (because I'm a defender), so I didn't listen properly and did it."