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Types Of Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt:
Anchor bolts fasten structural components to concrete structures and secure them. In general, anchor bolts are used to fasten structural elements, equipment, and skids to concrete. The anchor bolts have one end that is buried in the concrete and the other end that is left exposed.
It is actually a stud constructed of two adjoined pieces; one is threaded at the top end and the other consists of a process that includes a wedge and clip that is expanded between the stud and the wall of the hole in the concrete.
An anchor bolt is generally a good option for a heavy shear application and heavy load. Also, heavier-duty seismic wedge anchors are used in areas frequented by seismic activities.
Anchor Bolt Types
Sleeve Anchor Bolts:
A sleeve anchor is a fastener to secure objects to a concrete or masonry structure. They can be used to join two or more concrete structures or to fasten an object, such as a shelf to a brick wall. 
Headed Anchor Bolts:
Construction fasteners, known as headed anchor bolts, have a head on the non-threaded end. To secure a steel column, beam, bolt, rail, or other structural parts in place, this end is placed into concrete or masonry.
Wedge Anchor Bolt:
Consideration made by wedge anchor bolt manufacturers in India: The diameter of the wedge anchor should match the diameter of the holes that are drilled into the concrete.
Additionally, it is only used for solid concrete; it cannot be used with stone, mortar, brick, etc.
Bent-bar Anchor Bolts:
Bent-bar anchors, which include the customary J and L bolts, are threaded steel rods with hooks on end embedded into the masonry.
Drop-in Anchor Bolts:
Drop-In anchors are female concrete anchors designed for anchoring into concrete. Drop the anchor into the pre-drilled hole in the concrete. Anchor bolt manufacturer use a setting tool to expand the anchor within the hole in the concrete. Drop-in anchors require a setting tool to install.
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