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Trophies Awards and Medals: Nothings Else Will Do

Submitted by trophykart on Sat, 06/03/2023 - 06:41

There Anything Better To Mark A Victory?We
played an exciting game of cricket, and on winning the game, the organizers
gave us a certificate to commemorate our victory as well as a certificate of
participation to the losing team.  We
became disappointed as we were hoping for more than just a piece of paper. No
offence, a certificate is also a mark of appreciation but a trophy, award or a
medal would have lifted our spirits to a great extent.  No wonder people who compete in sporting
events are awarded with the best of Trophies or Medal as it helps them elevate
the spirit of the players. It is always said that success should not be
measured in terms of awards trophies or medals, but they do help in remembering
why we got it in the first place. Use of awards like trophies and Medals not
only boosts ones’ self esteem and confidence, but it also results in improved
contribution and achievements from the person.Sports
Or Not: It’s Always RelevantIn
today’s world we have awards, trophies and medals for almost everything. Even a
small child is given an award for doing something good. Apart from academic
excellence, sports or cultural competitions, trophies, awards, and medals are
also given to students for their overall performance. Recognizing students when
they do something good motivates them to do better and work harder. Trophies,
awards and medals are exceptional way to mark students who have achieved a
great milestone or goal in their academic or athletic field. Awards are made
specifically keeping in mind the logo of the school or college as it instills
in the student a sense of pride in having received them. There are a number of
awards and trophies given to actors, musicians as well as artistes honoring
them of their achievements. We have the famous Academy award which is given to
the film fraternity for their contribution towards cinematic excellence. The
Indian government gives national awards to people who have excelled in the
field of art and culture every year. Similarly, in sports, trophies, awards,
and medals are given to true sportsmen who have shown remarkable accomplishment
not only in the field but also in terms of sheer hard work, dedication, and
incredible work ethic. Award programmes and recognition's are a great moral
booster as it helps individuals soar with confidence, and what better way to
liven up the spirits then to commemorate individuals with Trophies, Awards and
Trophies, Awards and MedalsIn
the contemporary world trophies, awards and medals from Trophykart; leading Trophy manufacturers in India; often
depict the event which is celebrated, for example cricket matches, volleyball
matches, hockey matches or more commonly football matches. The trophy or the
medal takes the shape of a hockey stick or a ball placed in a cup in case of
cricket or a round ball as in football. In the case of medals, they come in a
variety of shapes and sizes depending on the occasion. In the olden times,
medals usually consisted of round shape. Today, medals are made in a very
stylish and classy manner with the name or the logo of the institution or event
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