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Top 9 Science-Backed L-Glutamine Benefits

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The L-Glutamine has been a very useful supplement in healing leaky gut. However, the benefits of L-Glutamine don't end there. In fact, along with its gut healing abilities, it also has other interesting benefits. So, let's find out what they are and how they can improve your health.
What is L-glutamine
People generally say Glutamine and L-Glutamine interchangeably, and by this they mean one of the 20 amino acids in your body. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body and perform dozens of functions in your various systems.
L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid present in your system. It makes up between 30% and 35% of the amino acid nitrogen found in the bloodstream.
This abundance earned L-Glutamine the title of a conditionally essential amino acid. It becomes an essential component if you have to deal with muscle wasting or diseases.
You can find L-Glutamine in plant and animal proteins, and you can also get it in supplement form. It is popular in protein powders used by athletes.
There are two types of L-Glutamine available. The free form is available in supplement form and you should eat something every time you take it.
Eating can help your body absorb larger amounts of the L-Glutamine supplement in free form. The second form is Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine e (TAG). Two amino acids join together to form this type of L-Glutamine, and you can take it on an empty stomach without any problem.
L-Glutamine supports your metabolism and your muscular system. This helps you build and maintain your muscles, and this is especially important for people who exercise regularly or athletes.
It is also ideal for repairing damage caused by oxidative stress, trauma or injury, and for giving muscles their peak levels of performance.
9 science-backed benefits of L-glutamine
There are several other health benefits associated with taking L-Glutamine, and here are the top nine science - backed benefits of L-Glutamine. This will help you decide if this supplement is the right choice for your lifestyle.
1. L-Glutamine helps heal leaky gut
Millions of people around the world have Leaky Gut Syndrome. In a healthy intestine, the inside of the intestinal lining forms a barrier that prevents bacteria and other particles from entering the body.
Leaky gut syndrome refers to the cracks or holes that form in this intestinal lining. When this happens, toxins and other particles enter your body.
This can cause inflammation throughout your system as your body tries to fight off these foreign bodies. Furthermore, it is accompanied by several different symptoms including diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, weight loss, joint pain, mood swings, and much more. Symptoms can come and go, and can vary in severity.
Over the years, dozens of different trials have proven L-Glutamine's effectiveness when it comes to treating leaky gut.
One study took 20 participants with Leaky Gut Syndrome and divided them into two groups. One control group took nothing during treatment, and the other group received a dose of L-Glutamine.
At the end of the test, the group that received the daily dose of L-Glutamine showed a significant improvement in their levels of inflammation. They also had less discomfort and fewer symptoms than the control group. The control group reported no significant changes in their levels of annoyance.
2. Can help treat ulcers
An ulcer is an open sore that slowly develops inside the lining of the stomach or the lining of the upper small intestine. There are a few different types of ulcers including peptic ulcers, gastric ulcers, and duodenal ulcers.
If you have an ulcer on the inside of your stomach lining, then you have a gastric ulcer. An ulcer on the inner lining of the upper small intestine is a duodenal ulcer.
A bacterial H. Pylori infection is one of the causes of these ulcers, as is the continued use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin. When you have an ulcer, you can experience various symptoms.
Some of the more common symptoms include stomach pain and burning that is worse when empty, belching, bloating, vomiting, weight loss, and loss of appetite.
Taking L-Glutamine can help repair damage to the stomach and intestinal lining. To study this, the researchers divided 105 mice into two groups. One group received a regular diet and the other group received the same diet along with an L-Glutamine supplement.
After two weeks, they divided the mice again and observed them for an additional 20 weeks. The groups that received the L-Glutamine supplement showed reduced levels of inflammation along with a decrease in intestinal permeability.
It also acted as a natural treatment for ulcers rather than a traditional antibiotic.
3. Improves brain health
As you age, changes in your brain are common. Did you know that certain parts of your brain shrink with age? Blood flow to the brain can also decrease, inflammation can increase, and communication barriers between neurons can break down.
This is why older people may have a hard time learning new things, looking up words, or having trouble multitasking.
Reducing the glutamate and glutamine cycle in your brain is a key point for all these problems to occur. Having a healthy lifestyle and diet can help reduce the chances of this cycle disruption, and taking L-Glutamine can help, too.
The New York University School of Medicine conducted a study with 22 patients who had mild traumatic brain injuries. They measured the participants' gray and white matter in their brains with an MRI before and after the study to get accurate results.
They divided the participants into two groups. One group was the control group, and the other group received an L-Glutamine supplement every day. The study lasted 365 days from start to finish, and the researchers monitored the participants' rates of brain atrophy.
At the conclusion of the study, they found that the group that received the L-Glutamine supplement had less brain atrophy than the control group.
4. L-Glutamine stimulates healthy muscle growth
It is essential that you have healthy muscle growth that continues until your later years. Muscle growth refers to the development of muscle cell function, density, shape, and mass. Having good muscle growth can help you meet the challenges of exercising and make your muscles resist function-induced stress.
Your muscles are made up of groups of fibers that grow and expand as you build muscle mass. Your diet and level of physical activity play an important role in your muscle mass, and you can start to lose it if you don't use it.
This is why athletes tend to eat high protein diets, take nutritional supplements, and exercise regularly to grow and maintain their muscles.
One study showed how L-Glutamine impacts muscle growth and recovery times after extensive exercise routines. The participants were divided into three groups.
Group A received 18.5% glucose polymer solution. Group B received 8 g of L-Glutamine in 330 ml glucose polymer solution, and group C received a placebo.
The muscle recovery times of the groups were monitored one, two and three hours after the exercise routine. The results showed that the group that received the oral L-Glutamine supplement had improved recovery times with increased glycogen storage in their muscles compared to the control group.
5. Decrease recovery time from exercises
One thing to remember is that it is in your best interest to support healthy muscle growth throughout your life. This is especially true for people who do long workouts or athletes who put a lot of stress on their muscles.
Eating a balanced diet can help you have faster recovery times, and it can also increase your metabolism.
As you age, you tend to lose muscle mass as a natural part of the aging process. This process usually begins when you reach your 30s.
If you are inactive, you can lose 3% to 5% of your muscle mass each year. When you start to lose your muscle mass, or if you work your muscles too much, it can cause several problems.
L-Glutamine can help repair damage to muscles, and it can also help delay muscle loss as you age.
6. Increase the health of your immune system
Your immune system is your body's first line of defense against infection. This includes bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, as well as trauma or injury. Your immune system knows which cells are supposed to be in your body, and it will attack and kill the unknown cells.
It is made up of a complex network of tissues, cells, and organs.
Young children, older adults, and people with certain diseases can experience a weakened immune system. If this happens, they will be more prone to infection and illness.
Certain conditions, such as arthritis and lupus, can cause the immune system to attack your own body and can lead to inflammation throughout the system.
One study showed the effectiveness of L-Glutamine in preventing infections. The study took 22 patients who had a weakened immune system due to having just had colorectal surgery.
One group of 11 participants received 2 g of nitrogen and the other group received 0.18 g of L-Glutamine for six days after surgery.
The researchers measured the levels of T lymphocytes present in the patients after the sixth day. They found that the group that received the L-Glutamine supplement had increased levels of T lymphocytes present.
Their immune systems were better equipped to treat bacterial infections and inflammation, even directly after surgery.
7. It can help you reduce inflammation
Inflammation is your body's way of protecting itself from a perceived threat. You can have chronic inflammation or acute inflammation. Acute inflammation occurs when you hurt yourself or experience trauma or illness somewhere in your body.
Chronic inflammation is ongoing inflammation, and is seen in arthritis or excess fat cells. There are several symptoms that can appear when you have inflammation. It is common to have redness, swelling, warmth, and mild tenderness at the site of inflammation.
If it is acute inflammation, these symptoms should disappear in a few days.
However, if it is chronic inflammation, you may have these symptoms on a constant basis. Eating a healthy diet can help you control inflammation and its various symptoms.
An L-Glutamine supplement can increase the levels of B and T lymphocytes in your body, which reduces inflammation.
8. Protects you against stress
Having a highly stressful job or living a highly stressful life can have negative impacts on your well-being. It has both mental and physical impacts on you.
Also, prolonged stress can have long-lasting effects. You may not even realize the level of damage stress causes because you've lived with it for a long time.
Common symptoms of stress include headaches, fatigue, an upset stomach, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, anxiety, restlessness, depression, social withdrawal, and much more.
Stress can reduce your immune system's responsiveness to infections, and this is why people who are constantly stressed seem to get sick more often than people with low levels of stress.
However, L-Glutamine can help. When you feel stressed, your body releases heat shock proteins (HSP). These HSPs help protect your cells from oxidative stress and also work to restore damaged proteins.
9. L-Glutamine promotes heart health
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for people around the world. In 2015, the Center for Disease Control estimated that approximately 17.7 million people died from a heart-related incident, and this represents 31% of global deaths.
Genetics play a role in your cardiovascular health, as well as your lifestyle and diet choices. If you are not healthy, you will have a higher risk of suffering a cardiovascular event.
Injuries to the heart muscles can also increase the risk of health problems. Also, having heart surgery can lead to injuries to the heart muscles called ischemia. These injuries are due to lower levels of oxygen in your body and blood during heart surgery.
Taking L-Glutamine can help improve your cardiovascular health, and it can also help prevent injury to the heart muscles during open heart surgery. Researchers conducted a study with 14 participants who underwent heart surgery.
They divided the patients into two groups. One group acted as a control group, and the other group received 25 mg of L-Glutamine every day for three days prior to surgery.
They found that the group that received the L-Glutamine supplement had fewer complications during and after surgery, and also had fewer heart injuries during surgery.
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