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Technical variations | Hydraulic crimping

We have the Continental Hydraulic Hose fittings that are used in the majority of the industrial setups that we have.

Many applications were a first a dream but then afterwards they became a reality.

All because of the hydraulics fittings. How are they classified? What makes them different? What are the types? All of them are given below:

1. Mini tools:

This is the first category of tools. The tools in this section are the smallest in size. They are used for taking care of tiny and basic tasks. They cannot handle high-force tasks

2. Micro Tools:

Micro tools are the second category. They are used for handling tasks that have a higher threshold value for force. Consider them a toolbox which can be used along the way.

3. Standard tools:

The first option for people when they think about setting up and maintaining the hydraulics system is the standard tools. They can handle industrial tools settings which last for many years.

4. Industrial tools:

When you have high-grade machinery, the aspect of the car also changes with time. Any kind of industrial instalments can easily be used and maintained using these. There s no other quality above this.