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The Swiss Justice Department officials

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Arrested six FIFA officials against extradition to the US According to sources, the Swiss Justice Department said in Zurich arrested seven FIFA officials in six against extradition to the United States for corruption investigations.Swiss police arrested the seven hours after FIFA officials, held a US request for the extradition of the court hearing, in which 6 people were extradited to the United States for trial expressed opposition Buy Fifa 16 Coins.


According to US prosecutors revealed that the seven were arrested FIFA officials including FIFA vicepresident Jeffrey Webb and Figueiredo.According to reports, the Swiss Justice Department officials did not disclose the name of FIFA agreed to the extradition, the officials will be handed over immediately to the US Department of Justice.


Since the additional six arrested suspects against extradition to the United States, police have to submit a formal request for extradition in order to complete the extradition, the two sides will complete the work within the relevant extradition treaty extradition limited 40day period. Want to buy Fifa 15 Coins friends please pay attention  website.  Blatter was reelected the FIFA President FIFA officials have been arrested for seven Blatter issued a statement Fifa 16 Coins.