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Susanna’s Kitchen hosts fashion show

Submitted by blueandred on Fri, 07/08/2022 - 00:48

On Thursday, people gathered at Hotel Elkhart for a fashion show fundraiser to support Susanna’s Kitchen.
The non-profit feeds the hungry and serves about 50 meals a day.
“I’ve got volunteers from all the local churches that come in and help serve,” said Dale McDowell, the chairman of Susanna’s Kitchen.
Susanna’s Kitchen has operated in churches and most recently at the Knights of the Columbus building.
“A great service I think for Elkhart and like I say a great history in Elkhart,” McDowell said.
With the help of the city, Susanna’s Kitchen recently found a permanent home at Grace Lutheran Church.
They, however, cannot start cooking until they fix some plumbing issues and ventilation that could cost up to $150,000.
“So the fundraiser put on by The Twisted String tonight is a thankful thing to help us accrue some funds for our change,” McDowell explained. “We have supported Elkhart for 40 years, now Elkhart is coming around and helping us.”
“We all wanted to do something for Susanna’s Kitchen and this was a great way we could just help out by doing what we all know how to do best,” said Kelly Regier, of The Twisted String Boutique.
Derald Gray, with DG Visionaries, offered free video production and DJ services for the event.
“Whenever I do have the opportunities to give back to the soup kitchen or the local community, I am just going to jump on it if I have the free time and I am here today and thankfully I did,” Gray said. “I believe in Susanna’s Kitchen, and I just love that they are really helping out the hungry.”
Next week, Susanna’s Kitchen will ask for an exemption to stay in the Knights of Columbus building until they can get the repairs finished.Read more at:short evening dresses australia | plus size formal dresses australia