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Suarez hints at retirement "My body says I'm in pain, I want to rest

After a long career as one of the best strikers on the planet, Luis Suarez (36-Gremiu) has hinted at retiring from active play.

Announcing his departure from Brazilian club Gremio, Suarez said, "My body is suffering and speaking. After a long career, I want to make a choice for myself, I want to enjoy myself, I'm going to rest and spend time with my family, and then fate will tell me where I will be in the future."

Multiple outlets noted Suarez's use of the word "pain" and interpreted it as a retirement hint.

Suarez has been heavily linked with a move to Inter Miami in the United States, where his 'best friend' Lionel Messi is based, after leaving Gremio this year.

On the same day that Suarez scored a goal in his farewell match at Gremio and left the door open to retirement, Spain's 'As' reported that Suarez was still firmly on his way to Miami. It wrote that Suarez, who continued his goal storm in Gremio, "will become the club's new franchise star."

Suarez played alongside Messi at Barcelona from 2014 to 2020 after stints at Ajax and Liverpool.

He formed the "MSN Trio" with 안전놀이터 Neymar (now Alhilal) to win the 2015 European Champions League.

After leaving for Atletico Madrid in 2020, Suarez played for Nacional last year and Gremio this year.

He earned the nickname "Nuclear Tooth" after biting opposing defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder with his teeth during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with Uruguay.