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Stylish and Secure: Aluminium Entrance Doors In New Zealand

Submitted by koffman422 on Wed, 03/01/2023 - 20:22

A Christchurch home's entrance can play a big role in its overall look and feel. If your door is cracking, warped and rotting from the elements, it can make a negative impact on your property's look and value. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Aluminium doors offer a solid, strong design that will not split, warp or swell. They also require less maintenance and will not require repainting from sun, rain or age.


Aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly metals to use in home construction. It’s low maintenance, lightweight and highly durable, and it’s easy to recycle. It’s also a good choice for homeowners who want to add a contemporary touch to their home, as it is sleek and stylish without being overly bulky.

Our top pick for aluminium entrance doors Christchurch is the Axis range from Altus Windows. This series of aluminium doors is designed to stand the test of time, offering a wide variety of styles and options to suit the needs of your home.

These solid aluminium entrance doors are filled with high-density polystyrene to provide thermal efficiency and sound dampening. They are also available in dual Velux Skylights NZ  so you can choose a different colour for the inside and outside of your door.

The Axis range also offers a wide selection of security glazing, so you can have peace of mind that your home is safe from prying eyes and intruders. There are a range of designs to choose from, including full length tongue and groove treatments and glazed inserts.

There are also a number of other great features that can be found in aluminium entrance doors Christchurch, such as the ability to open up your home to natural light and fresh air with bi-folding doors. Combined with fanlights, these can be an efficient way of maximising your space and making the most of the view you have.

As a bonus, these doors are rated to have a better thermal rating than timber and aluminium front doors, so they will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They also feature a polyurethane core which provides better insulation than wood, so they are great for those who live in climates where heating and cooling costs can add up quickly.

The Axis series has plenty of other features to enjoy as well, including a modern linear design and a range of contemporary mouldings and hardware. The most exciting feature is probably the fact that this range can be customised to create the exact look you want, whether it’s a themed, contrasting or subtle design.


Our entrance doors Christchurch are designed and manufactured to complement any home design, with a wide range of styles, configurations and hardware available. Try our virtual door creator and see your dream entrance doors come to life before you.

Our residential range of Upvc Flush Sash Window entrance doors offer a choice of designs that fit any architectural taste, with 35 panel styles on offer and multiple customisable configurations. Choose to add a glass panel for natural light or privacy, and enhance indoor/outdoor flow with bi-folding doors or stacking hinged and French doors.

When a clean, smooth architectural look is desired, the Plasma range offers the option of powdercoating your aluminium door in a variety of colours. Or opt for an economical Slimline Plasma that retains the clean, flat sheet aluminium look but with a lower price point.

Aquila entrance doors are an innovative design that arrays flush tongue and groove planks with adjoining flush stiles for a sleek all-aluminium panel that emulates one of the most popular timber door designs. A horizontal glazed insert is also possible to complete the look.

With a choice of colour finishes, this door is the perfect solution for any residential property in Christchurch. The ultra-clear glass with a stable opaque Colourbak finish comes with a 10-year colour-fast warranty, and can be customised to a specific tone.

Origin’s range of residential aluminium doors are built to last, backed by a 20-year guarantee and PAS 24 security. The Therminax core and thermal efficiency of high-grade aluminium keep the bad weather out, while a multi-point locking system increases security to ensure you’re safe from intruders.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your entranceway, consider choosing one of the brightly coloured power coat finishes we have on offer. Our six bright colours are a stunning choice for any home or building, and provide real impact to the entrance way.

Our doors are made locally from Vantage Windows & Doors, a New Zealand company with over 30 years of experience. They pride themselves on delivering high quality joinery and are always refining and innovating solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Glass Plasma

Plasma panels are made from special glass that's tempered to be strong but thin. These panels are used in computer monitors, TVs, and other electronic devices, and are available in different sizes and colors.

The phosphors in these display panels are usually placed between two dielectric layers lined with electrodes. Each pixel is made up of a phosphor-lined rib that's sealed between the two dielectric layers, which are separated by nipples in the "motherglass" -- a large piece of glass that's precision-cut for each panel. This glass is then fused together using a mixture of xenon and neon gases, which change into a plasma state at high enough voltages to activate the phosphors.

This process creates a very bright and colorful phosphor-lined rib that's just right for the display, but it also requires a very precise gas mixture to fill the nipple. Typically, the gas mixture contains more xenon than neon, although helium can be added in small amounts. This mixture changes the phosphors into a more compact, less-dense, and therefore, more-efficient light source.

However, plasma's biggest drawback is that it's not very durable. It has a relatively short life span, which is why it's often replaced by LCDs and OLEDs with longer-lasting phosphors.

To help extend the life of these displays, plasma manufacturers are working to improve their technology. One is to increase the amount of xenon in the gas mixture, which extends pixel lifespans. Another is to use a more efficient phosphor.

Several other issues are also being worked on, including improved power supply efficiency and newer technology that can help protect against overheating. But these new technologies aren't cheap, and are only a temporary fix to the long-term problems that plague the plasma industry.

With the tightening regulations on heavy toxic metals in manufactured goods, it's becoming more important than ever for companies to find safer solutions to these problems. And while plasma can't solve all of these problems, it's a promising alternative that could lead to a new generation of affordable flat-panel displays.

Aside from the many applications that plasma technology can have in the electronics world, it's been proven to be a great tool for manufacturing decorative products as well. Whether it's a wall-mounted plasma art display, a custom shaped plasma glass window, or a simple, flat-panel plasma door for your entryway, plasma is sure to make a bold statement and catch people's attention.

For example, we recently created a series of plasma entrance doors that were clad on both sides with flat sheet aluminium, giving the door a smooth, flush architectural look. These are available in a variety of colours and can be powder coated or anodised for an extra touch of luxury.

Our Plasma door range comes in a range of different styles and sizes, and can be clad with horizontal lines ('negative details') for even more aesthetic impact. We also offer economical Slimline Plasma options that are an ideal choice for a budget-conscious entrance door.