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Sidewalk repair service NYC, Queens, Brooklyn

Whenever in New York, you’ll see an infinite web of sidewalks linked to every smallest street of the state! Millions in number, these sidewalks remain the fastest and safest mode of convenience for passers-by as the roads are always teeming with vehicular traffic. Thus, you not only use these sidewalks for your daily commute but also these sidewalks remain a fundamental part of every architectural design proposed for the construction of residential as well as commercial buildings.

As a matter of fact, it’s a legal obligation for the property owner to maintain, construct and renovate the sidewalk, at its own expense, that lies in front of its property as well as adjacent to it. Otherwise, for poorly-maintained or defective sidewalk structures, DOT has the authority to issue a sidewalk violation notice.

Why does a Sidewalk deteriorate?

Considering the extensive usage of sidewalk in NYC, deterioration is a common thing. No matter how expensive or durable your sidewalk material is, it will still experience some sort of wear and tear. Usually, such breakage is due to;

• Environmental and weather impacts e.g. heavy rainfalls, snow, and ice accumulation as well as intense sunlight.
• Heavy loads exerted on a sidewalk.
• Crowded ground movement i.e. vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
• Inexpert building techniques employed.
• Poor quality of material used.
• Water penetration and drainage issues.
• Extensive hours of sidewalk usage.
• Aged construction.
• Not being maintained properly.

Hence, Sidewalk repair in NYC is a frequent need for every property owner in Queens, Brooklyn, or NYC.

Repairs for Minor Wear and Tear.

If the damage inflicted upon a sidewalk is less than 2-inches in-depth, it remains easily repairable through some minor level patching and sealing techniques. It can be in the form of cracks, gouges, splitting, or even worn off edges – all of it remains fixable. For which, there are thousands of DIY ideas to take benefit from. Just go to your local construction supplies store, buy ready-to-use caulk/sealant, and apply.

Leveling of the Sidewalk.

Sometimes, sidewalk slabs can also become settled or at times get raised. If no breakage is present, sidewalk leveling can efficiently be done without having the need to opt for extensive repairing procedures. Usually, a limestone-based slurry is hydraulically injected beneath the surface of the sidewalk. Therefore, providing it with a lift.

Sidewalk Replacement Programs.

For completely broken sidewalk slabs or sidewalks whose sub-base is damaged, the replacement of these sidewalks remains the only reliable option. Though it’s an expensive sidewalk repair approach but ensures longevity.

Resurfacing and Recoloring of the Sidewalk Structure.

At times the sidewalk’s surface may become old due to which there are many small cracks and holes in the surface but no visible damage. For such sidewalks, resurfacing by applying a thin layer of freshly prepared concrete provides a fresh new look. Afterward, it can also be colored in any way you desire to complement your building’s design.

So, if you are looking forward to having your sidewalk repaired, these are the things to remain mindful of.