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Sex dolls: Good to know

More and more men, of different profiles, agree to break taboos by giving themselves the freedom to acquire sex dolls. Ready to buy a sex doll?

And even if they are just simple objects, sex dolls democratize the perception of the fulfillment of sexual fantasies. However, beyond the sexual aspect, these dolls are today true life companions. Here is some information that might help you find out more.

What are the reasons for men's interest in these sex dolls?
Basically, getting a sex doll is a way to fulfill sexual fantasies one-sidedly. It can therefore be considered masturbation. Some of them choose to buy the sex doll for men:
to reap the benefits of a relationship without the drawbacks
to be able to have unprotected sex without the risk of contracting STDs
to fulfill their sexual fantasies.
For people who do not wish to be confronted with reality, sex dolls are therefore real ramparts.

What category of men are attracted to sex dolls?
Without giving rise to any kind of stereotype, studies have shown that men who turn to sex dolls are those who find it relatively complex to build a relationship with another person.
Apart from this category of person, we can also list people with fantasies that are likely to be misunderstood by other people.

Anyway, there are no predefined profiles. Anyone can express the desire to acquire a sex doll.

How heavy is a sex doll?
In fact, the weight of a sex doll depends on the type. However, approximately their weight is between 12 and 55 kg. We thus distinguish the mini dolls of 100 cm weighing 12 kg, the torso (which is about 17 kg), the small dolls of 125 cm (20 kg), and the dolls of 140 cm (23 kg). That's not all.

The 148 cm dolls weigh about 32 kg against 41 kg for round dolls of 158 cm. Finally, dolls with big buttocks weigh about 43 kg, the equivalent of a refrigerator.

What is a sex doll made of?
Today on the market, there are sex toys designed either in silicone or in TPE. The first material is an odorless compound that has a texture similar to skin. some sex robot is also made of silicone.

The Silicone love doll is easy to maintain and extremely durable. As for TPE, it is a heat-molded material and has a soft texture. TPE sex dolls are waterproof, recyclable, and hypoallergenic.