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Segment 1.2 Title, Viable Date and Locale

1. This Act is known as the Corrective Code and it will become taking effect right now after distribution.

2. The Code doesn't matter to offenses committed preceding its distribution date; those offenses will be administered by the earlier regulation. theft in Islam

3. The Punitive Code is material to all offenses committed in the State no matter what the guilty party's status in the State (for example resident, impermanent guest).

4. The Corrective Code is relevant to all offenses committed by a resident external the State despite the fact that the offense is reasonable where serious except if a specific arrangement of this code explicitly proclaims in any case.

5. The Corrective Code is pertinent to all offenses committed by a non-resident external the State when a specific arrangement of this code explicitly pronounces so or when the guilty party's direct will hurt the State.

6. The Corrective Code isn't relevant for offenses committed external the State whenever committed by:

7. A Non-Muslim resident who withdrew the State forever, disavowed the Dhimmi contract, and communicated a craving not to get back to the State.

8. A resident who was a Muslim however had disavowed Islam at the time the offense was committed external the State; regardless of whether he later returned to Islam and got back to the State.

9. The Correctional Code isn't pertinent for offenses committed by Non-Muslim resident who committed offenses in the State when certain arrangements of this code explicitly so announce.