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The San Diego Padres were the tenth best team

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The 2010 MLB season was one of the Boston Red Sox Womens Jersey most exciting in history. Throughout the season, there were several teams who looked like they could compete for the World Series. The top 10 teams of the season are as follows:
The San Diego Padres were the tenth best team in 2010. The Padres had a lead on the NL West division all season but ultimately were not able to hold on to the lead over the San Francisco Giants.
In 2010, the ninth best team was the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox finished the season with 89 in the very tough AL East division. However, this was not enough as they missed the playoffs by 6 games.
The eighth best team was the Atlanta Braves. The Braves finished the season with 91 wins, which helped them edge out the wild card berth by one game. The Braves surprised many people who expected them to have a down year.
The Minnesota Twins were the seventh best team last year. The Twins were considered an underdog to begin the season, but proved that they belong among the league's elite. Their MVP candidate catcher, Joe Mauer, had another excellent season.
The Cincinnati Reds were the sixth best team in 2010. The Reds were definitely the surprise of the season as they raced off to win the NL Central division by 5 games. The Reds are loaded with young talent, which should keep them competitive for years to come.
The fifth best team in the Mithch Moreland Womens Jersey 2010 was the New York Yankees. Heading into the season, the Yankees looked like a sure bet for the World Series. While they won 95 games in the regular season and won the wild card berth, the Yankees struggled in the post season.
The Texas Rangers were the fourth best team in 2010. The Rangers surprised many people as they advanced to the World Series after winning the AL pennant. The Rangers only won 90 games in the regular season but were led by MVP candidate Josh Hamilton all year.
The Tampa Bay Rays were the third best team in baseball in 2010. The Rays won 96 games throughout the season, which was won game better than the Yankees. The Rays were led by their young stars including pitcher David Price and infielder Evan Longoria.
The second best team of the season was the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies all season long looked like the favorite to win the NL pennant. They were loaded with pitching after signing Roy Halladay in the offseason and had one of the best offenses in baseball by and won 97 games.