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runescape among the 'Sakura Wars'

still remember watching Sakura Wars songs show and move on? Want an experience in the field along with cherry war Fans jump 'Xi! Imperial China strike mission!' The move on? Now's your chance! Possess a number of series for more than ten years in Fans always unabated popularity of the old school runescape among the 'Sakura Wars', by dubbing them as featuring the annual performance of 'Sakura Wars songs show', also in August 2006 of dignified After the tenth anniversary of the premiere performances into the end. However, the premiere was a night of passion that still have the opportunity to go to Japan to make quite memorable players, cheap runescape gold but also to make up for some reason can not go with a big shortcoming to watch performances of enthusiasts in mind, self-initiated by the Taiwan players and held a '2007 Sakura Wars show screenings of songs 'campaign, hoping that favorite Sakura Wars enthusiasts, once again a deep sense of the emotions of each character on stage, and on-site filled with two thousand people took to the Emperor group full of love! In addition to the songs live show DVD screenings, there are broadcast-related Works, and a variety of gifts prepared by the organizers for the draw, welcome to go join the festivities enthusiasts. Activity: 2007/02/04 (Sun) 11:00 ~ 17:00 Venue: Moe Moe Anime Information Center 5F activity area Sponsor: days Chuan - Taiwan should aid group, Imperial China strike mission - Taiwan Branch Sponsor: Meng Meng Animation and Information Center, Intel Guardian Media 'Pet Story SAPetite' a new version of the battle, cabin systems decryption