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Rocket will execute Capella the third year of the contract option.

    September 28, according to US media reports RealGM, Houston Rockets center Clint squad will be selected to perform in the future - Capella third-year contract nba 2k16 mt coins on sale now,It would be done to prepare them for the next year firsthand summer.
    Capella 21-year-old, he was a Swiss, he was in last year's Houston Rockets selected one on the 25th show, in 2013-14 season, he has played in the French league, he was the presence of both 21.4 minutes of playing time where you can get 9.6 points 7.4 rebounds and 1.8 blocked shots. The same year, he also represented the Swiss team played this year's men's basketball European Championship qualifiers.
    April 19, 2015, the Rockets playoff opener last season to 118-108 victory over the Dallas Mavericks, playing 16 minutes Capella is served efficiently got 8 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots the data show that it also made him a 22-year history of the Rockets in the playoffs since the first field on the first rookie to get this and other data. However, because of Howard's presence, his playing time has been difficult to nba 2k16 mt coins here,cheap and fast.
    Last year, the presence of both Capella 7.5 minutes of playing time, you can get 2.7 points and 3 rebounds.